Fiberplane Adds Metrics Tool
Written by Kay Ewbank   
Thursday, 13 April 2023

Fiberplane has announced Autometrics, a set of open source libraries for understanding the performance of your code in production. It provides Grafana dashboards and Fiberplane notebooks to visualize the metrics of how your code is performing.

Fiberplane notebooks are collaborative spaces for teams with notebooks made up of cells to provide a centralized place to pull all the data about an incident together in one space. That data can be used by distributed teams managing a distributed system in real time.


The Autometrics libraries are built on the Prometheus and OpenTelemetry open source projects, and can be used to track important metrics including the request, error rate and latency of any function. The library can also generate customized Prometheus queries to help you understand the data collected, and insert links to the live charts directly into each function's doc comments.


Autometrics inserts links to live Prometheus charts directly into each instrumented function's doc comments. The libraries take a different approach to the problem of logs that are difficult to understand that can occur costs.

The developers of Autometrics say that

"instead of throwing away valuable context and then using compute power to recreate it, it starts inside your code. It enables you to understand your production system at one of the most fundamental levels: from the function."

Autometrics can be added to any function in your code, from HTTP handlers down to database methods. This means that if you are looking into a problem with a specific HTTP handler, you can browse through the metrics of the functions called by the misbehaving function.

To see what's going on, all a developer has to do is to hover over the function names of the nested function calls in their IDE to look at the metrics. Alternatively, you can directly open the chart of the request or error rate of all functions called by a specific function.

Autometrics is available on GitHub and the Autometrics website.


More Information

Autometrics On GitHub

Autometrics Website

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