Fiberplane Collaboration Tool Available In Beta
Written by Kay Ewbank   
Tuesday, 15 November 2022

Fiberplane has announced the public beta of its real-time collaboration tool aimed at developers and devops teams who need to debug their infrastructure.

Fiberplane notebooks are collaborative spaces for teams. Like Jupyter notebooks, Fiberplane notebooks are made up of cells and provide a centralized place to pull all the data about an incident together in one space. That data can be used by distributed teams managing a distributed system in real time.



The Fiberplane notebooks are designed to offer a more coherent environment for finding and mitigating bugs compare to dashboards that need to be set up in advance, and more suited to distributed collaborative working.

fiberplane notebook


Fiberplane’s technology is built in Rust and WebAssembly, and uses Operational Transformation, the same algorithm used by Google Docs, to resolve conflicts when multiple people are typing at the same time in a Fiberplane notebook and adding data including graphs or tables. The developers say that because Fiberplane is vendor agnostic, enterprises can use its WASM-based plugin system to integrate Fiberplane with their stack. They can then query, visualize and explore their stack with real data using logs, metrics and traces.



One of Fiberplane's main features is Providers, plugins that can be used to pull in live data directly from infrastructure data sources into Notebooks. Data pulled in via Providers becomes stored as part of the Notebook so remains available alongside the query that retrieved it. At the moment, Fiberplane supports Loki, Elasticsearch, and Prometheus Providers, with AWS Cloudwatch, Kubernetes and Sentry promised for the future.

The developers say Fiberplane lets users write and run PromQL queries and display Prometheus charts alongside the rest of their content. Metrics can be selected and filtered as the basis for time series charts, start and end times can be fine tuned, or the graph can be updated live. Users can also query, search, and analyze logs stored in Elasticsearch or Loki.

Fiberplane has an API and CLI that developers can use to automate notebook creation based on specific external events, such as monitoring alerts.

The Fiberplane public beta is available now.


More Information

Fiberplane Website

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