Beekeeper Studio 4 Adds BigQuery Support
Written by Alex Denham   
Thursday, 12 October 2023

Beekeeper Studio has been updated with improvements including beta support for Google BigQuery and multiple table filters.

Beekeeper Studio is a free and open source SQL editor and database manager. The cross-platform tool is available for Linux, Mac, and Windows that can be used to connect to SQLite, MySQL, MariaDB, Postgres, CockroachDB, SQL Server and Amazon Redshift. The commercial version of Beekeeper Studio also supports Oracle Database and Cassandra Database.


Beekeeper's studio interface can be used to write SQL queries, explore and manage data, and visualize data through charts and graphs. The editor is designed to be easy to use, with features including syntax highlighting, auto-completion and code snippets.

The recently released version 4 has a number of improvements, starting with the ability to download full query results by sending the data (over 50k rows) directly to file. It also adds the ability to import data into any table from a CSV file. The latest edition also adds tools for backup and restore for the entire set of data and schemas, or for slices of the data.

Support has been added in this release for SQLite extensions, SQLite's runtime loadable libraries and DLLs. There's also beta support for Google BigQuery.

Other more minor improvements include multi-row selection so you can select multiple rows to copy or delete while in table view; and the ability to open a table view as SQL so you can use it as a light query builder. 

Full support has been added for Apache Cassandra, and unsigned INTS are now supported in MySQL and MariaDB.

Vim Keybindings and vimrc are now supported in the query editor, and the column comment column has been added to the table builder / editor. There are also several table view performance improvements for large datasets.

Beekeeper Studio 4 is available now.


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