Opaque Systems Introduces Gateway GenAI Solution
Written by Kay Ewbank   
Thursday, 14 March 2024

Opaque Systems has announced an early access program for Opaque Gateway, software designed to address data privacy, security, and sovereignty concerns in managing GenAI implementations.

Opaque Systems Confidential AI platform is designed for secure, collaborative analytics and the use of AI on confidential and sensitive data stored in Trusted Execution Environments (TEEs). The company says that while generative AI and LLMs offer immense benefits, such technologies introduce complications around data security and privacy, and this has led to companies banning the use of AI tools that can leak sensitive company information.


Opaque Gateway is described as a software solution that verifiably addresses data privacy, security, and sovereignty concerns, increases the flexibility of enterprise Generative AI deployments, and provides a valuable tool for managing and decreasing the total cost of operating GenAI implementations.

In practical terms, Opaque Gateway keeps data encrypted in use, not just in storage and transit, and a complete audit log is produced with a hardware root of trust verifying data privacy, security, and sovereignty. The isolated execution guaranteed by the TEEs used by Opaque Gateway provide the confidentiality and integrity of data processed within the TEE. Confidentiality is ensured because an unauthorized entity cannot see the contents and the integrity of code running within the TEE is also protected because an unauthorized entity cannot tamper with the contents without the tampering being detected.

The platform aims to maintain speed, efficiency, and flexibility. The team says AI projects are unblocked with zero switching costs, negligible performance hit, and with an increased flexibility of deployment.

The software lets businesses insert logic between user prompts and LLM responses including configurable privacy controls, monitoring, reporting, analysis, customer logic pre- and post-LLM processing, and prompt compression.

The data confidentiality is enforced cryptographically at the hardware level and the platform provides hardware-backed auditing capabilities that provide a digital signature on every action. In other words, there's a hardware root of trust from sources such as AMD, Intel and NVIDIA that certifies that a particular action has been taken by a user. This feature is only made possible by the cryptographic tooling Opaque Systems has built on top of TEEs, and the developers say customers regard this as a key feature.



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Opaque Systems Website

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