Google Data Studio 360
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Tuesday, 31 May 2016

A free version of the reporting and data visualization tool, Google Data Studio, has been released in beta.

The full product is Google Data Studio 360, which is available as a paid-for product. The free beta version is limited in the number of reports that can be created, shared and edited. You can create up to five multi-page reports. The beta is also limited to the US for the moment, though Google plans on making it available in other regions during this year.

The main product is being rolled out to all Google Analytics Premium, Adometry, Audience Center 360, and Tag Manager 360 customers starting last week. The rollout will occur in phases over the next several months.

Google Analytics Suite is aimed at the analysis of marketing data. The idea is that you use it to analyze site information so you can increase traffic, improve the rate of conversions, and make more informed decisions.



Data Studio 360 is Google's enterprise version of the data visualization and reporting element with licensing starting at 200 users. Data Studio 360 can be used to connect to all your data with native integrations across a range of Google products, as well as non-Google data.

You can use either version of Google Data Studio to create reports from data from AdWords, Google Analytics, YouTube, BigQuery, Attribution 360 and Google Sheets.

Both versions let you create reports and dashboards, and have what are described as "a rich library of visualizations to reveal the real story behind the data". You can customize both the design and style of the reports, which are based on reusable templates. The reports created are dynamic reports with interactive controls based on time periods, geographies, segments, or any other dimension available.

Once created, the reports can be worked on by teams using the toolkit's built-in collaboration tools that let multiple people work in the same dashboards and reports at the same time. All changes are automatically saved, and older versions are available using a revision history that shows the date and who made the change.
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Google Data Studio

Google Data Studio 360

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