Master Phase Of IARPA Mapping Challenge
Written by Sue Gee   
Tuesday, 13 September 2016

The Master phase of the IARPA 3D Mapping Challenge is now underway with live scoring starting today. There's a prize purse of $86,000 for this contest which runs until October 4th.



This is the second of two contests but you don't need to have competed in the Explorer phase to join in at this stage. 

As we originally reported back in July when the preliminary round was staged, this challenge is about developing a Multi-View Stereo (MVS) 3D mapping algorithm for commercial satellite imagery. It is being conducted on behalf of IARPA as a TopCoder Marathon Match, in which an online leaderboard displays solvers’ rankings and accomplishments. This gives participants the opportunity to have their work scrutinized by stakeholders from industry, government and academic communities.

IARPA notes on its challenge site:

IARPA’s use of a crowdsourcing approach to stimulate breakthroughs in science and technology also supports the White House’s Strategy for American Innovation, as well as government transparency and efficiency

As in the previous contest, participants are being asked to develop a Multi-View Stereo (MVS) solution to generate dense 3D point clouds using the commercial satellite images provided. Each submitted point cloud will be registered to ground truth using X, Y, and Z translational search and then compared to determine accuracy and completeness metric scores where: 

  • Accuracy is defined as the median Z error measured in meters compared to ground truth.
  • Completeness is defined as the fraction of points with Z error less than 1 meter compared to ground truth.

The cash prizes for this second phase of the contest are:



Winners, announced in October, will be invited to present their solutions at a conference hosted by IARPA in the fall, where they will detail their approach.  

To take part you need to join Topcoder, a community  that now has 1 million members that runs challenges and competitions in data science, development and design. You also need to register for each phase of the contest. The age restriction is 13 and above and the contest is void where it is prohibited by law.  


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