Open Jam For Open Source Games
Written by Lucy Black   
Tuesday, 03 October 2017

A three-day games jam with an emphasis on using open source game development tools and a requirement to open source the resulting games starts on October 6th.


This is the first game jam organized by and its announcement explains:

Game jams are hackathon-like video game creation events. They come in many shapes and sizes, but usually have a theme to base the games on, a set amount of time to complete them, and a judging process that helps creators get feedback. 

The difference with Open Jam is that is dedicated to promoting open source games and game development tools.and the top three games will be featured at All Things Open, a conference taking place October 23-24 in New York and, like sponsored by Red Hat. There are no monetary rewards and the Open Jam website states:

No matter what your rating, your game and your source, and your contribution to open source are the prize. 

The timetable for for Open Jam is:

  • The theme will be announced at 12:00 AM October 6th (US Eastern). It will run until 11:59 PM October 8th.

  • Judging will run October 9 - 15th and will be peer-based.

Other guidelines are:

  • Games, which can run on any platform but must at a minimum be playable on either Linux or the web, should be licensed as open source.

  • You can create your own assets or use existing, openly licensed assets (e.g.Creative Commons).

The Open Jam website has links to lists of open source game creation tools and it has a forum where you can ask questions.

You can work solo or as a team and to find a team to join you are advised to checkout the Open Jam CrowdForge team page

If you want to get into game development this sounds like a busy weekend and a load of fun.



More Information

Open Jam website

All Things Open

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