Facebook Hacker Cup 2021 Registration Round
Written by Kay Ewbank   
Friday, 06 August 2021

The annual Facebook Hacker Cup registration is open now, and registration round takes place between August 27 and 30.

Facebook's Hacker Cup started in 2011 as a way for Facebook to find people with the skills to be potential employees, and became popular as a fun challenge.


The challenge involves competitors solving a range of algorithmic problems, with no restrictions on how they're solved, so long as the code accepts the input data, produces the correct results, and runs within the time limits. Competitors need to be registered users of Facebook and also need to register for the competition. The age limit is 18 years and older at the date of registration.

To qualify for the onsite finals of the Facebook Hacker Cup finals, competitors need to register before August 30, then complete the four rounds that are scheduled during September and October. The Finals will be held virtually in late 2021.

The prizes for the competition are a first prize of $10,000, second prize of $2,000 and third prize of $1,000. Entrants in fourth to 24th place will get $100. More importantly, the entrants who perform best will be interviewed for a software developer role in Facebook.

No details are available ahead of the competition opening of what this year's challenges will be, but when you register for the competition you'll be able to see last year's problems so you can practice. Most languages are supported including Java, C, Python, JavaScript and Golang.

Last year's challenge questions included one involving travel restrictions and working out whether trips between various countries would be possible in a situation where airlines had limited flights to run only between pairs of countries that are adjacent in a particular sequence.

Another question concerned logs floating downstream, and how to fell them without piling the trees up in a way that would make them hard to move given trees of a particular position and height.

There were also two related traveling salesman problems involving a delivery driver for a nationwide supply chain, where the task is to visit cities on a route for the minimum cost in fuel.


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