Dual Screen Android App Challenge
Tuesday, 25 March 2014

There's $100K in prize money for Android apps that display different content on an Android phone and on a connected display such as an HDTV.



The competition, which is being hosted on Challenge Post comes from Silicon Image, the company behind HDMI, MHL (Mobile High-Definition Link), and WirelessHD and you'll need an MHL Ready phone, which most Android phones are.

The challenge is to create awesome Android games and apps using the dual screen capabilities introduced in Android 4.2 Jellybean that  simultaneously show different content on the device (specifically the MHL phone) and a connected display, such as an HDTV. The following are suggested as the starting ideas:

  • Dungeon game using HDTV for gameplay and phone for character inventory and maps

  • Presentation app using HDTV for for slides and phone for notes & timer

  • Karaoke using HDTV for song lyrics and phone for  upcoming performers and song selection

To enter you need to be 18 or over or the age of majority in one of the following territories:

The fifty (50) United States and the District of Columbia, Canada (excluding Quebec), United Kingdom, Germany, India, Finland, Sweden, Japan, China, Russia, Italy, Spain, Ireland, and the Netherlands.

Entrants can be individuals, companies or teams and need a valid YouTube, Vimeo, or Youku account.

The submission period is from March 17 to July 21 and during this period, having submitted an app you can submit substitutions, revisions and/or new versions. Multiple submissions are not allowed. The public voting period, in which anyone with an account on Challenge Post can vote) runs from July 21 to August 4 concurrently with the judging by a panel of seven experts.

Apps can be submitted in one of three categories:

  • Games

  • Office/Productivity

  • Entertainment/Other

There are prizes of $20,000 for each of these categories in addition to a Grand Prize of $25,000 for the app judged Best in Show and a . Runner Up prize of $10,000. Five Popular Choices prizes of $1,000 will also be awarded.

Apps have to be in English, appropriate for all ages and should:

demonstrate the functionality and unique features of “Sponsor’s Technology,” specifically, uncompressed high definition video sent from a mobile device to an external screen, up to 8 channels of sound, no lag between the mobile device and the external screen, and keeping the phone charged while connected to an external screen.

Apps need to be accessible for free to the contest judges until August 15 and must be commercially available, for example on Google Play.


In addition to your app, you’ll need to create and post a 2-3 minute video,i n English, showing how your app works and any unique features. This video will be used not only for the judges to get a feel for your game or app, but also for the public voting.



More Information

Dual Screen App Challenge

Dual Screen App Challenge Rules

Challenge Post

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