Fluid Framework 2 Now Production Ready
Written by Kay Ewbank   
Thursday, 04 July 2024

Fluid Framework 2, Microsoft's development platform for collaborative ways to work with documents, is now production ready, according to Microsoft.

Fluid Framework is a client/server tech stack that can be used for real-time collaboration. The framework provides developers with data structures that Fluid automatically keeps in sync between clients. Microsoft says Fluid handles the complexity of merging changes from multiple clients, and is supported by Microsoft's Office apps including Outlook and Office 365. 



The main improvements to Fluid Framework 2 are support for SharedTree Distributed Data Structure (DDS); SharePoint Embedded support, Fluid DevTools, a browser extension for developers writing and debugging Fluid applications; and support for Typed Telemetry and App Insights.

The SharedTree DDS has a programming interface for working with data and supports a reasonable set of data types including primitives, objects, arrays, and maps. It can be used to model collaborative data, and in addition to including standard data manipulation operations (add, remove, update, move),  it also includes options for undo and redo; transactions and events.

SharedTree is designed to use the same patterns developers would use when working with local data structures such as an object model, but the data can be changed remotely and is kept in sync by the Fluid Framework. Microsoft says SharedTree includes sophisticated merge semantics for working with arrays and supports features like atomic move operations that make working with collaborative data much simpler.

Fluid Framework also has support for the SharePoint Embedded service as well as Azure Fluid Relay support. SharedPoint Embedded lets end users collaborate on content stored inside their organization's Microsoft 365 tenant.

The production release also comes with Fluid Developer Tools, a browser extension that for writing and debugging Fluid applications. Fluid Developer Tools offers container state information and data visualization, along with the ability to modify container state for testing offline and reconnecting. It also shows audience membership, permissions, and join/leave logs; Framework event logs; and Telemetry graphs to view performance.

This release also has a fluid-telemetry package that comes with Typed telemetry events that is available for use in analytics tools. 

Fluid Framework 2 is available now.



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