Singapore, India and Italy Top In Imagine Cup Challenges
Written by Sue Gee   
Monday, 15 July 2013

Nine of teams that arrived in St. Petersburg last week for the Worldwide Finals of the Imagine Cup were already prize winners in the three challenges for which the initial stages were held exclusively online. But which teams would be placed first to win the $10,000 prizes?

The aim of the Windows Phone, Windows Azure and Windows 8 App Challenges is to give students opportunities for learning, prototyping and creating apps using the newest Microsoft technologies. To participate teams had first to pass a qualifying quiz and then build and package an app and also describe it and create a video explaining and demonstrating it.

Three teams from each of the Challenges were chosen to attend the Worldwide Finals where each gave a live presentation to the judges, receive feedback, and make final changes before the final judging.

Each First Place team won of $10,000; with Second Place awards of $5,000 and Third Place worth $3,000.

Here a description of each of the winning apps:

Windows Phone Challenge

1st: Team vSoft Studio, Singapore

  • Speak Reminder - a simple app that provides a fast way to create a reminder using speech control.

2nd Team We Rule, Poland

  • Modern Drug Test - a quick, cheap, and portable field test for drug use.Hold your Windows Phone up to someone’s eye and it will tell you if that person is under the influence of drugs.


3rd Team front, Poland

  • COPE (Common Operational Picture Environment) - a system for managing units involved in any kind of action by simultaneously increasing their situational awareness.


Windows Azure Challenge

1st: Team Y-Nots, India

  • Zoik It! - helps you connect with real people at a real physical location easy and fast.



2nd Team nlife, Ukraine 

  • onQuests - a social platform that enables each of us to take part in exciting quests, create your own tasks and share them with friends.

3rd Team LetssGo, China

  • Get & Put - cloud-powered magic that makes humans the couriers of virtual data. With the Get & Put app installed and online, users can grab pictures, music, or drawings from the screen, carry them by hand, and put them into other devices without carrying any equipment.

Windows 8 Apps Challenge

1st: Team TeamNameException, Italy

  • Ulixes - an interactive touristic guide, an unique and catching way to explore monuments, naturalistic environments, museums and cities, an innovative concept of "social tourism".

2nd Team Wordsapp, Germany

  • Wordsapp - a very addictive word game, with simple gameplay similar to Scrabble Word Finder that will bring players a lot of fun. Wordsapp includes several game variations, multiple language support, and different board sizes for bigger or smaller games, plus game statistics, achievements, and leaderboards to showcase the best players.

3rd Team Clever Mind, Thailand

  • Vocable World - an interactive vocabulary learning tool which applies the framework of learning, practising, and measuring (LPM) with the integration of the game-based learning approach to make the learning process interesting and motivating.

Teams who had made it to the Worldwide Finals were also eligible for various third party awards - look out for a further news item with these results. See also UK, Portugal and Austria Win Top Awards at Imagine Cup 2013 for winners of the main Imagine Cup competitions.



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