Wing Python Offers Better Remote Dev Connections
Written by Alex Denham   
Friday, 20 September 2019

Wing Python 7.1.1 has been updated with better handling of remote development connections, and fixes so that Pandas DataFrame and Series values are displayed correctly among a number of improvements.

The Wing Python IDE has an intelligent editor and debugger and the creators say it makes interactive Python development fast, accurate, and fun. Wing comes in three versions. Pro is a paid-for version with extra features in addition to the debugger and intelligent editor.  Wing Personal is a free Python IDE for students and hobbyists. It omits the more advanced features of Wing Pro but provides a simplified debugger and editor, limited code inspection and navigation features, and project management. There's also Wing 101, a very simplified Python IDE designed for teaching programmers who are just beginners.



Wing Python 7.1 recently added support for Python 3.8, along with adding improved code warnings so that you get warnings of unused symbol warnings for imports, variables, and arguments found in Python code.

The latest release, Wing 7.1.1, has overcome some of the problems caused by remote extension module scraping that until now caused slowing and dropping of remote development connections. This update also makes OS Commands work on remote hosts with Python 3, and adds __init__ arguments to the auto-completer as shown below:

_init_ arguments in Wing Python's AutocompleterThe new release has also received work to ensure Pandas DataFrame and Series values show correctly. The ability to show debug data values as arrays was added in version 7.0 with support for numpy's ndarray, Pandas DataFrames, sqlite3 query results, and Python's internally defined data types. Other improvements to this release include better auto-completer, project tool, and code browser with redesigned icons that make use of Wing's icon color configuration. Text display on some Linux systems has also been improved, and Dark Mode support for macOS has been added.  



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