Anaconda Releases PyScript Coding Platform
Written by Kay Ewbank   
Tuesday, 28 March 2023

Anaconda has released, a free coding platform for creating web applications with data interactivity and computation based on Python.

The platform is now generally available for free as a software service. Anaconda is best known for its data science platform and as the incubator of the open-source PyScript project.


PyScript was released last year as a proof-of-concept, and is still being improved. is based on the original open-source project, and Anaconda describes it as a commercially viable and easy-to-use web-based framework for Python application development.

The new framework is designed to widen the range of people who can create rich, interactive, shareable Python-powered web applications directly in the browser. Peter Wang, CEO and co-founder of Anaconda, said:

" wasn't designed for professional developers and data scientists, rather for the 99% of the world that aren't Python proficient or professionals... we anticipate less than 1% of the world's population knows how to code. If we're dedicated to a digital-first future, we must break the existing barrier of entry to coding." can run on any browser and is designed to be an expressive, easy-to-learn platform for quickly building and deploying web applications. can be used to publish and share applications and projects with a public URL while working with a suite of web-ready Python libraries. The framework can be used for a variety of types of applications, from data-centric applications such as dynamic models and dashboards, to in-browser games and traditional web applications.

The framework treats the browser on a local machine as the application's virtual machine or server, which in addition to avoiding the need to interact with a server also means runs in a safe development sandbox, where no data flows in or outbound from browser-based projects.

Code changes show up immediately with the live preview console, and developers can import pre-built components from a library of user interface elements. follows HTML's styling rules, reads CSS stylesheets and runs bidirectionally with JavaScript's styling and interaction. The platform supports multiple file types and has a portfolio of pre-built projects.


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