Wing Python 10 Adds AI Code Suggestions
Written by Kay Ewbank   
Monday, 22 January 2024

Wing Python 10 has been released with new AI-assisted code suggestions and refactoring, plus support for Python 3.12.

Wing Python is an IDE with an intelligent editor and debugger that is designed to make interactive Python development fast, accurate, and fun. Wing comes in three versions, a paid-for version with extra features, and a free Python IDE for students and hobbyists that omits the more advanced features of Wing Pro.


The headline improvement in this release is the addition of AI assisted development, including both AI code suggestion and AI driven code refactoring. The developers say you can ask Wing to implement missing code at the current input position, or use AI to refactor or enhance existing code by describing the changes that you want to make.


They give examples of refactoring requests including "Add a docstring to this method", "Create unit tests for class Person" "Clean up this code", "Create an RPC server that exposes all the public methods in class CustomServer", and even "Rewrite this threaded code to instead run asynchronously"

They optimistically suggest that the developers role changes to one of directing an intelligent assistant capable of completing a wide range of programming tasks in relatively short periods of time.

This release also adds support for Python 3.12, including faster debugging through the use of the low impact monitoring API, and parameterized classes, functions and methods.

Wing Pro 10 also adds support for Poetry package management. Poetry is a cross-platform dependency and package manager for Python, similar to pipenv.

The final improvement of note is the addition of support for Ruff as an external code checker in the Code Warnings tool. Ruff is a fast Python code checker that can replace or supplement flake8, pylint, pep8, and mypy. The team says Ruff can also be used as a code reformatter.

Wing Python 10 is available for download now.


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