Microsoft Will Contribute To OpenJDK
Written by Kay Ewbank   
Friday, 10 January 2020

Microsoft has officially joined the OpenJDK project and formally signed the Oracle Contributor Agreement. OpenJDK is the free and open-source implementation of the Java Platform, Standard Edition.

The announcement was made to the OpenJDK mailing list by Bruno Borges, Product Management for Java, Microsoft Developer Division, who was once an Oracle developer. The announcement said that Microsoft has formally signed the Oracle Contributor Agreement, and received prompt acknowledgement and welcome from Oracle.


Borges said:

"On behalf of the Microsoft Java Engineering Team, I’d like to say that we are thrilled to officially join the OpenJDK project and be ready to work with you. As many of you may know, Microsoft and its subsidiaries are heavily dependent on Java in many aspects, and also offers Java runtimes in its Microsoft Azure cloud to its customers."

Borges went on to say that the Microsoft team:

"will initially be working on smaller bug fixes and backports so that we can learn how to be good citizens within OpenJDK. For example, we already understand that discussing changes first before posting patches is preferred and I'm sure there's more for us to learn as well."

Microsoft's Java engineering team led by Martijn Verburg is also talking to other Microsoft groups and its subsidiaries who are using Java, and the overall team will be joining the many OpenJDK mailing lists to start conversations and participating. In the last few years, Microsoft’s usage of Java has grown and now includes multiple large-scale deployments including Azure HDInsight and Minecraft.

Martin Verburg is also CEO of jClarity, the leading AdoptOpenJDK contributor acquired by Microsoft in August 2019. When Microsoft acquired jClarity it said that the development team:

"will help teams at Microsoft to leverage advancements in the Java platform.  At Microsoft, we strongly believe that we can do more for our customers by working alongside the Java community"


More Information

OpenJDK Homepage

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