Eclipse Temurin OpenJDK Now Supported By Red Hat
Written by Nikos Vaggalis   
Tuesday, 27 September 2022

There's now yet another reason to opt for Eclipse's Temurin version of OpenJDK among the rest of the builds - LTS support provided by Red Hat.

There are so many builds of OpenJDK from a variety of vendors that it is difficult to tell them apart and to choose which to go for:

  • OpenJDK builds by Oracle
  • Adoptium Eclipse Temurin
  • AdoptOpenJDK
  • Azul
  • BellSoft Liberica JDK
  • IBM Semeru Runtime
  • Amazon Corretto
  • Microsoft Build of OpenJDK
  • Alibaba Dragonwell
  • SapMachine
  • Red Hat OpenJDK
  • GraalVM

To that end, the Eclipse Foundation has launched the Adoptium Marketplace to provide a vendor-neutral home for the Java ecosystem that gives developers access to standard Java binaries from multiple sources, to make life just a little bit easier. As noted in "Eclipse Launches Java Binaries Marketplace", Mike Milinkovich, executive director of the Eclipse Foundation, said that the move was necessary in order to establish quality across OpenJDK:

“With the increasing volume and diversity of OpenJDK runtime distributions, it’s become clear that quality and consistency across the ecosystem must be established. "

Thus the new Adoptium project website and application programming interface “marketplace” will allow organizations to promote Java SE runtimes that meet specific quality assurance criteria.

And quality is interwoven with Eclipse Temurin, the most popular ditribution of OpenJDK as of 2021 according to Snyk's survey, hosting cross-platform, open-source licensed, and TCK-certified for Java SE binaries.

Under Eclipse AQAvit, the project that was created specifically as a means of setting the criteria that ensure that a binary is ready for production deployment, Temurin scores high:

Release artifacts are produced for 350, 000+ automated tests on more than 100+ test machines and OS platforms, meeting the modern requirements which include containerized tests. The tests are categorized into the following:

  • Security: Testing all known security vulnerabilities.

  • Functional correctness: Using OpenJDK regression, functional, and key application/framework tests.

  • Performance: Ensuring and achieving minimum throughput scores with published metrics.

  • Scalability and durability: Meets minimum load and stress testing requirements.

The question now that remains, is that with so much choice amongst OpenJDK vendors, which one should you go for? The main difference between the various distributions is mainly that they may contain  fixes and enhancements that may have not yet been formally backported upstream.

As such the Microsoft build of OpenJDK is recommended when running Java applications on Azure. Red Hat is the OpenJDK to choose if you're on Red Hat Enterprise Linux, while Corretto if you run Java applications on Amazon Linux 2 in AWS. Then there's Liberica JDK which is the runtime of choice by VMware for Spring Boot and Spring Native. I covered Liberica Native Image Kit in "Making GraalVM-Based Executables Easy". And of course Adoptium; in fact Eclipse Temurin is the codename for the Adoptium OpenJDK.

Contrary to specialization, Temurin is general purpose and can be used in applications that span from the desktop to data centers and the cloud, deployed on multiple operating systems, platforms and cloud environments.

Now the news is that Red Hat adds support for Temurin alongside its own RedHat OpenJDK builds, a testament to Temurin's dynamic expansion.The support comes for the standard Eclipse Temurin versions: OpenJDK 8u, OpenJDK 11u, and OpenJDK 17u and comprises of :

  • Frequent releases - Eclipse Temurin delivers quarterly updates of JRE and JDK for the OpenJDK 8, OpenJDK 11, and OpenJDK 17 distributions. These updates are available as RPM, MSI, archive files, and containers.

  • and Long-term support (LTS)


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