Eclipse Launches Java Binaries Marketplace
Written by Kay Ewbank   
Tuesday, 31 May 2022

The Eclipse Foundation is opening an online marketplace that will give developers access to standard Java binaries from multiple sources. The creation of the Adoptium Marketplace is intended to provide a vendor-neutral home for the Java ecosystem.

This new market gives users the opportunity to obtain Java SE TCK certified and AQAvit quality-tested binaries, including Eclipse Temurin, via a centralized site managed by the Eclipse Foundation.


Mike Milinkovich, executive director of the Eclipse Foundation, said the move was necessary to establish quality across OpenJDK:

“With the increasing volume and diversity of OpenJDK runtime distributions, it’s become clear that quality and consistency across the ecosystem must be established."

He said that the creation of the Adoptium Marketplace provides a vendor-neutral home for the Java ecosystem that will make it easy for anyone to find Java SE compatible binaries that have been extensively tested and are ready for cloud native and enterprise deployments.

Organizations backing the project include most of the big names in the Java sector with one big exception - Oracle. Those who are taking part include Alibaba Cloud, Azul, Huawei, IBM, iJUG, Karakun AG, Microsoft, New Relic, and Red Hat. Milinkovich said that:

“Oracle is absolutely invited to join, but so far they have chosen not to.”

Oracle's share of the Java market has dropped from 75% of the market in 2020 to 34.48% this year, according to a recent survey.

Eclipse says that not all the OpenJDK-based runtime distributions have "the high quality bar set by the Eclipse Foundation". To overcome this, the new Adoptium project website and application programming interface “marketplace” will allow organizations to promote Java SE runtimes that meet specific quality assurance criteria. To ensure this, Eclipse has launched Eclipse AQAvit, a project was created specifically as a means of testing the exacting criteria that will ensure a binary is ready for production deployment.


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Adoptium Marketplace

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