Deno Improves JSR Support
Written by Kay Ewbank   
Monday, 08 April 2024

Deno has been updated to improve JSR support, and to build on the Temporal API introduced in version 1.4.  Deno is the JavaScript and TypeScript runtime from the creator of Node.js.

Deno is built in Rust, and is described as secure by default as it has no file, network, or environment access, unless explicitly enabled. 


The most recent update adds support for JSR, the JavaScript Registry. JSR is built on npm, and offers a modern, TypeScript-first, and cross-platform-compatible registry, fully integrated into Deno. It works with many runtimes (Node.js, Deno, browsers, and more) and is backwards compatible with npm.

Deno v1.42 provides more robust dependency management with deno publish and deno add subcommands, which can publish and install modules from JSR and npm. The new release also has improved Node/npm compatibility, and several LSP improvements.

Deno 1.40 was released a few weeks prior to this update. It adds support for the Temporal API for advanced date and time operations, and makes use of the latest decorator syntax for more expressive code.

The Temporal API is designed to address some of the shortcomings and complexities associated with the existing Date object in JavaScript. The Temporal proposal is actively implemented by all major JavaScript engines. The new API adds support for the Temporal features in Deno with the --unstable-temporal flag. The development team says it's unlikely that Temporal API will be changed and the aim is to stabilize it in Deno 2.

The next major addition to Deno is support for the TC39 stage 3 Decorators proposal, which will soon be implemented in all browsers. Decorators are a proposal for extending JavaScript classes. They can be used to metaprogram and add functionality to a value, without fundamentally changing its external behavior.

Decorators can replace the value that is being decorated with a matching value that has the same semantics. They can also provide access to the value that is being decorated via accessor functions which they can then choose to share. Finally, decorators can initialize the value that is being decorated, running additional code after the value has been fully defined.

At the moment, decorator support is available in Deno for .ts, .jsx and .tsx files. Support in pure JavaScript is waiting on implementation in V8.

Deno 1.42 is available now.


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