Azul Intelligence Cloud Expands Support
Written by Sue Gee   
Thursday, 02 May 2024

Azul has announced that its cloud analytics solution, Azul Intelligence Cloud, now supports Oracle JDK and any OpenJDK-based distribution. More DevOps teams will now benefit from its ability to boost productivity.

Azul Systems is a Java-focused company operating in the cloud computing and software development sectors. Azul is known for its high-performance and secure Java runtime environments, including JDKs, JREs, and JVMs, that help businesses run Java applications more efficiently, see Azul Zulu OpenJDK 17 Build Now Comes With CRaC

Azul’s Intelligence Cloud consists of two services which assist DevOps teams increase their productivity: 

  • Azul Vulnerability Detection, to eliminate false positives by accurately identifying and prioritizing known security vulnerabilities
  • Code Inventory, to help identify unused and dead code by precisely detailing what custom and third-party code is actually run.

Announcing the expansion to support any JDK distribution including those from Oracle, Amazon, Eclipse, Microsoft, Red Hat and others in addition to Azul's own Zulu JDKs, Scott Sellers, co-founder and CEO of Azul explained:

“Today’s businesses are under relentless pressure to innovate, accelerate time-to-market and fortify application security, all while grappling with resource constraints. Azul Intelligence Cloud is a game-changer. Using the information already inside JVMs running in production, Intelligence Cloud provides unprecedented precision and the intelligence needed to solve two significant DevOps challenges – alert fatigue from an intractable vulnerability false positive backlog and technical debt from maintaining unused code. We’re excited to extend these capabilities across all an enterprise’s Java application fleet, regardless of JDK vendor or distribution, to dramatically slash time from unproductive tasks and multiply DevOps productivity.”


Azul Intelligence Cloud captures Java runtime data that exists within a JVM when running a Java application, resulting in no performance impact, something not possible using traditional security or profiling tools. The expanded support means that DevOps teams, dealing with Java application deployments that often comprise a heterogeneous mix of JVMs across different Java vendors, platforms and versions can benefit from the key features of Azul Intelligence Cloud:

  • Eliminate Vulnerability False Positives: Uses information the JVM inherently has when running a Java application to identify vulnerable code that actually runs. This enables DevOps to prioritize vulnerabilities based on actual risk, saving time while reducing security issue backlogs and improving production security posture.
  • Efficiently Triage New Vulnerabilities: Provides continuous detection for Java applications in production so DevOps teams can efficiently triage new critical vulnerabilities during events like Log4j. Saves DevOps time and minimizes disruption so teams can focus on other productive tasks. The Azul Vulnerability Detection Knowledge Base is rapidly and continuously updated with newly published Java-specific vulnerabilities.
  • Code Use Analysis and Unused Code Visibility: Gives an aggregate view of when code was run across an enterprise’s Java workloads. This helps DevOps identify unused and dead code for removal (i.e. it pinpoints unused classes and libraries). Doing so lowers code maintenance effort and increases developer productivity, freeing up resources for more important business initiatives.
  • Real-time and Historical Analysis: Azul Intelligence Cloud retains component and code use history, allowing for focused forensic efforts to determine if vulnerable code was exploited prior to it being known as vulnerable. Azul’s security team uses AI to quickly identify Java-specific CVEs from the National Vulnerabilities Database (NVD) and rapidly update the Azul Vulnerability Detection Knowledge Base with newly published vulnerabilities.


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