Unicode 15 Adds Shaking Head Emoji
Written by Kay Ewbank   
Friday, 22 July 2022

The beta review period for Unicode 15 is underway, with a smaller number than usual of new emojis. Those that are proposed include a shaking head and pushing hands, and the team at Emojipedia have come up with their annual interpretation of how the potential additions might look.

Away from the frivolity of the emojis, the Unicode standard is used by all modern software and communications around the world, including operating systems, browsers, laptops, and smart phones, as well as the Web.


The Unicode Standard, its associated standards, and data form the foundation for CLDR and ICU releases. The new release includes a number of changes and 4,489 new characters, including another major extension of CJK unified ideographs. Two new scripts have also been added, and there are also 20 additional emoji characters.

While the final appearance of the emojis will depend on the device you view them on, here's how the team at Emojipedia think they might look:

emoji 15

The new emojis start with a shaking face - intended when you want to show you're shaking your head. There are several new heart emojis in different colors, specifically light blue, grey and pink. Hands pushing to the right and left in a range of skintones have also been added. So far, the list all makes a certain amount of sense - most people have probably wanted to have a 'shakes head in disbelief' emoji at some point.

We now get on to the "seriously??" list, with new animals including a moose, donkey, goose and jellyfish.  If this is one of those stories where you're at one side of the river with a single boat and a need to get an assorted cargo across, it's a version I've not come across.

Those of you with a keen interest in horticulture will undoubtedly be pleased with the addition of ginger, hyacinth and pea pod, as it's tricky showing a ginger and pea pod risotto recipe in emojis at the moment. 

Back on the potentially more useful list, we get a folding hand fan and hair pick (wide toothed comb), a Sikh Khanda, and the list is completed with maracas and flute so we can play our way out.

The list is currently under review, but historically most items have made it from the beta list to the final version, so you can rest easy knowing you'll be able to show how the goose ate the jellyfish come September.

Finally, this year's World Emoji Day annual competition was, as always, held on July 17 because that's the date shown on the calendar emoji, and the winner of the 'Most 2022' competiitition is the Melting Face, beating out the Face Holding Back Tears in the final round.

More Information

Unicode Consortium

World Emoji Day Website

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