The Weekly Top 10: SharePoint and Other CMS Platforms
Written by Alex Armstrong   
Friday, 24 June 2016

This week's round up of interesting posts from external sites has resources for Sharepoint developers and for those working with Drupal, Joomla and WordPress.

Avepoint Community - 5 Steps to Configure Hybrid Features in SharePoint 2016

While we await the general availability of SharePoint 2016, it's a great time to understand what's new in the platform, plan the right time for your organization to migrate if the update is right for you, and test out the beta release. 



Aaclage - My time break for SharePoint - Manage your customizations with custom JS/CSS without changes

From time to time I see a lot of discussions about the Masterpages, Branding, Styles, Customizations, and UI/UX in SharePoint and Office 365. This article uses examples in my custom environment and explains how you can manage branding, styles and Customization changes in SharePoint Sites and keep the environment regarding Out of the Box Masterpage and Style files untouched, manageable and clean to constant the SharePoint upgrades.


Bas Lijten - Getting SharePoint 2013 apps and WebAPI to work

With the release of Visual Studio 2013, Microsoft also added a very nice MVC template for remote SharePoint Apps. This is a slightly modified version of the default MVC5 template, which doesn't contain an own authentication provider, but does contain bootstrap and the latest jQuery version. This blogpost shows us how the same functionality can be implemented for use with the WebApi controller! At the end, the full source code is provided, it works in Azure, as well as with high trust solutions.


Dj-Extensions - 7 Current Web Design Trends for Joomla Users and Developers

As web design changes, you want your website to remain modern-looking and professional, so that you don't get left behind. Joomla is a veteran among content management systems, but it still has a lot to surprise you. Professional web design studios that create Joomla templates understand that, and try to implement new trends and features as soon as they appear on the horizon.


Chen Hui Jing - Developing Drupal sites as a team

A lot of people, myself included, start out with Drupal on their own, developing and building everything as a one-person operation. When we're working by ourselves, there will be certain good practices that we neglect, either out of convenience (there's no point doing X since I'm the only one touching this project), or out of ignorance (wow, I had no idea that was how Y was supposed to be used). Working with a team of people to build a Drupal site requires more structure and discipline to ensure the project doesn't descend into a pile of spaghetti code. I'm going to try to summarise the processes that worked for my team thus far.


Kinsta Managed WordPress Hosting - Is WordPress Code Really A Mess?

The author said: My dislike of WordPress is no secret. I look down on its mess of a code base, and advise anyone with any technical knowhow whatsoever against using it. Is the situation that dire? Is the WordPress core code really so atrocious that you should steer clear altogether and use something else for your project?


Elegant Themes - Top 12 WordPress Books To Add To Your Collection

Since WordPress is an online thing, it seems somewhat counterintuitive to talk about it in the realm of books. But wouldn't you know it that those printed-on-paper things have some really valuable information in them on the subject? I've put together a list of the top 12 WordPress books you should definitely check out if you want to improve your development skills and generally get more familiar with the CMS. - Custom Drupal Blocks Tutorial

By using drupal blocks you can easily add content to sections of your site from the administration pages. However, these basic blocks can only show static content. This drupal blocks tutorial will walk through the basics of creating a custom module and creating a block in code that displays dynamic content.


Kiliweb - How we speed up our Drupal sites with

As a web agency, it's part of our mission to deliver fast websites. Last week, we started using in our Drupal projects. While this tool is provided by SensioLabs, we found out it fits perfectly with other PHP projects like Drupal. This tool enabled us to to optimize drastically three websites in different fields: community, non-profit, and e-commerce. Let's review the common mistakes Blackfire helped us to discover with these three cases studies.



About:Performance - 5 Tips to Improve SharePoint Web Part Performance

Web Parts - being one of the key concepts in SharePoint - ultimately decides whether your SharePoint sites scale, perform fast and will be used widely in your organization. Implementing "Bad" Web Parts will have severe side-effects leading to unacceptable usability, bad performance and crashing infrastructures. In this blog I show you how to verify that your used Web Parts - custom built or from 3rd party vendors such as AvePoint, K2, Nintex, and Metalogix - are not suffering from the top problems we see in the SharePoint world: Inefficient Database Access, Memory Leaks, Deployment Mistakes, Bad Web Performance, and Web Part Usage Gone Wild.



From Our Partners

Pantheon - When WordPress Cache Plugins Are Not Enough

WordPress cache plugins can help your site go faster - improving page load times and your ability to serve much more traffic without degradation in performance. But there will come a time when a cache plugin will not be enough. Learn why are WP cache plugins not enough for large scale, how do the pros handle WordPress caching, What additional tools do they have beyond the regular cache plugins, and how can you get super-scale caching built into WordPress.


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