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1 Epic v Apple - Both Sides Lose But It's A Win For Developers
2 Jetpack Compose Is 1.0 And Ready For Use
3 Amazon App Store To Save Windows 11
4 A Low Cost Hackable Watch
5 Amazon Wooing Android Devs With AWS Credits
6 Google Matches Apple's App Store Cut
7 What Apps Are Removed From The App Store?
8 Choosing A Mobile App Development Company
9 Jetpack Compose for Desktop Milestone 2
10 The First Rule Of Apple Is Don't Talk About Apple
11 Epic Keeps Developer Licence - For Now
12 Epic Games Takes On Apple - Unintended Consequences
13 Updated: Epic Games V Apple & Google - Smash The App Stores
14 Why Outsource Mobile App Development
15 Smartphone App Borrows Power For Corona Virus Research
16 GitTrends: GitHub Insights
17 GitHub Mobile App Available
18 App Store Or Google Play? Where To Earn Money From Apps
19 Huawei's Ark Compiler Is A Publicity Stunt?
20 KaiOS Developer Portal Goes Live
21 Cross Platform Swift 5 For iOS and Android
22 Huawei's Confused OS - ArkOS, LiteOS, HongMeng, Harmony...
23 What Is Huawei's New Operating System
24 Huawei Blocked From Android - The Ascendance Of A New OS?
25 The End Of The App Store Era - Apple To Face Lawsuit
26 The Importance Of Responsive Web Design
27 EU Bug Bounty - Software Security as a Civil Right
28 App Store Takes $1.22B In A Week As Apple Falls
29 The Future Is Flutter...
30 Apple App Store Antitrust Suit
31 Google Ditching Fabric In Favor Of Firebase
32 Instabug Analyzes 100,000,000 Bugs
33 Ten Years Of The Apple App Store
34 Google Invests $22 Million In A Fork Of Firefox OS
35 All A Flutter - Google's Cross Platform App Framework Ready To Go
36 New Emojis For 2018
37 App Locates People Even When There Is No Service
38 TensorFlow Lite For Mobiles
39 Visual Search Adopted by eBay
40 QR Codes Thriving In China
41 New Mobile Web Certification From Google
42 Link Between Android Development and Poverty?
43 Indoor Navigation - A Use For That Magnetometer
44 Google Improves Firebase Analytics and Open Sources SDKs
45 AWS and Ionic Team Up In Starter Project
46 jQuery Mobile 1.5 Alpha Officially Available
47 Bitesnap - Applying Deep Learning to Calorie Counting
48 Realm Mobile Reaches 1.0
49 Microsoft and Qualcomm Bring ARM to Windows 10
50 Google Firebase Adds Analytics, Improves Gaming
51 Mozilla Removes Firefox OS Code From Gecko
52 Android Increases Its Dominance
53 Apple Store Offers Incentive For Subscription Model
54 Mozilla Confirms End of Firefox OS For Smartphones
55 Mozilla Gives Up On Firefox OS
56 Contribute To The Developer Landscape
57 How Many Developer Millionaires?
58 Why Users Uninstall Apps
59 Qt 5.5 Released
60 Android And iOS Apps For Windows 10
61 Yahoo Mobile Development Suite
62 Microsoft Open Sources TouchDevelop
63 Microsoft Buys HockeyApp
64 Qt 5.4 Released
65 How Google Does Multi-Platform In Inbox
66 Fear And Loathing In the App Store 8 - Apple Takes Down Innovative App
67 Fear And Loathing In the App Store 7 - Google Wants Everyone To Know Where You Live
68 Android Usage Overtakes iOS
69 Microsoft Discontinues Android, Asha and S40
70 Game Of Phones From DZone
71 Amazon Cognito - A Sync Solution
72 A Quick Guide To Platform Conversion With Xamarin.Forms
73 Amazon Offers Coins For Apps
74 Fire Phone - The First AI Phone
75 Qt 5.3 Released
76 Cordova In Visual Studio
77 New - Firefox OS 1.3
78 Facebook Gets Generous With Developers
79 PhoneGap Developer App Brings A New Way To Work
80 Business Apps - An Untapped Developer Opportunity
81 Crashlytics Labs Announces Testing Tool
82 Cordova 3.4 Released
83 Sailfish OS Reaches 1.0 And Targets Android
84 Firefox OS Now With Cordova Support
85 Revenue Models for Mobile Developers
86 iOS Best For Making Money From Apps
87 Chrome Apps Run On iOS and Android
88 Amazon Enables Charging For HTML5 Apps
89 Pebble Appstore To Launch This Month
90 Qt 5.2 Released
91 The Device Freedom Prize - Jailbreak iOS7
92 Games - Where's the Revenue?
93 Microsoft And Xamarin Collaborate To Bring Native iOS and Android To Visual Studio
94 Amazon Insights SDK
95 New Theme and New Widgets in jQuery Mobile 1.4
96 Microsoft Remote Desktop For Android, iOS and OSX - Now Windows Is Everywhere
97 Spending a Fortune on Apps
98 Nokia Pulling the Plug on Symbian and Meego
99 Firefox OS Moves To 1.1
100 At Last You Can Install Web Apps In Android
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