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101 Microsoft And Xamarin Collaborate To Bring Native iOS and Android To Visual Studio
102 Amazon Insights SDK
103 New Theme and New Widgets in jQuery Mobile 1.4
104 Microsoft Remote Desktop For Android, iOS and OSX - Now Windows Is Everywhere
105 Spending a Fortune on Apps
106 Nokia Pulling the Plug on Symbian and Meego
107 Firefox OS Moves To 1.1
108 At Last You Can Install Web Apps In Android
109 More Support For Firefox OS
110 Amazon GameCircle Now On iOS and Android
111 Apple's New Phones - The Programmer's Take
112 Samsung Secure Android Available To All
113 Mozilla Offering Geeksphones For Porting Apps
114 Amazon Mobile Associates API - Sell Real Things In App
115 Samsung Developer Conference - Where's Android?
116 Quantity Not Quality A Problem For BlackBerry World
117 Firebase Leaves Beta
118 Operator Billing Has An Impact on App Revenue
119 ZTE To Sell Firefox Phones On e-Bay
120 Revenue Generation For Mobile Platforms
121 Amazon Appstore Now Accepting HTML5 Apps
122 Global Mobile Developer Patterns Revealed
123 Samsung Developer Conference Slated For October
124 Adobe PhoneGap 3.0 Released
125 Tablet and Enterprise Apps on the Rise
126 Two in Three App Developers Not Breaking Even
127 Cuddly - Mobile Phone Reacts To Being Squeezed
128 Zend Survey of PHP Developers
129 Nokia Asha A New Mobile SDK
130 Where To Make Money From Apps
131 RunRev's Open Source LiveCode
132 No Official Twitter App for Ubuntu Phone
133 Teen Market is Cell Based
134 iOS Dominates The Enterprise
135 JQuery Mobile 1.3 For Responsive Web Design
136 Insights Into Mobile App Performance
137 Micron Patent Could Upset Apple
138 Revenue From Apps For iOS and Android
139 Canonical Wants Help With Ubuntu Phone Apps
140 15,000 Apps Submissions During Blackberry Port-a-Thon
141 Ford Extends Sync AppLink API
142 Mozilla-Style Web Apps With Mortar
143 Top 10 Smartphone Apps 2012
144 Ubuntu For Phones
145 RIM Strengthens Developer Commitment
146 Apple Patents Page Turning
147 Try Firefox OS On the Desktop
148 Android Reaches New Record Level
149 New Version of Xamarin.Mobile for WP8
150 The Mobile Industry - A Snapshot
151 Appeals Court Lifts Ban on Samsung Galaxy Nexus
152 Photo App For Eliminating Shake
153 jQuery Mobile 1.2 Released
154 Mobile Developers Still Prefer iOS
155 RIM - BlackBerry 10 Could Be Bigger Than Windows Phone 8
156 App Users Dislike Data Requests
157 Google Open Sources Java To Objective-C Translator
158 Latest on the Smartphone Landscape
159 Open webOS Back From The Dead With Beta 1
160 Samsung Hopes to Lift Ban on Galaxy Tab
161 Preferred Platforms for Mobile/Web Developers
162 Apple's Win Over Samsung - What Next
163 Google’s Motorola Seeks Import Ban On IPhone and iPad
164 Perceptions of Microsoft's Windows 8 Tablets
165 Digia Buys Qt Development Platform
166 Nokia Drops Qt
167 Apple Leading In the Mobile Enterprise
168 PhoneGap 2.0 Released
169 Apps for BlackBerry Dev Alpha Can Roll Out
170 Chirp - A New Way To Send Data
171 Eliminate Potholes With a Free App
172 Apple v Samsung Galaxy Nexus: A Programmer Reads the Patents
173 Cell Internet Use Jumps
174 Survey Reveals App Poverty Line
175 Game Of Phones
176 Samsung TecTiles - NFC Stickers to Program Your Phone
177 Making Apps Pay
178 Using a Second Screen Now the Norm
179 Native Apps Still Rule
180 How Much Do Apps Earn?
181 Blackberry Promises $10,000 for an App
182 jQuery Mobile 1.1
183 PhoneGap 1.6 Released
184 Amazon In-App Purchasing Officially Launched
185 To Bed - To Work or Sleep Soundly?
186 Amazon Trialling In-App Purchasing
187 iOS Tops Popularity Poll for Developers
188 Date set for Oracle v Google?
189 PhoneGap 1.5 Released
190 Smartphones Outnumber Basic Cell Phones in US
191 Mozilla's Boot To Gecko Has a Chance to Change Mobile Landscape
192 Oracle's Case Further Undermined As Gosling Patent Topples
193 Oracle v Google - Less Damages, Fewer Patents
194 Kids in the Age of the iPad
195 Oracle v Google Trial Could Start April
196 Windows Phone Marketplace Expands
197 Google's Bouncer Detects Malware
198 Windows Phone 8 - Silverlight Apps Are Legacy
199 WP7 Upgrades and WP8 - Silverlight or C++
200 Official Wikipedia Android App Uses PhoneGap
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