New Mobile Web Certification From Google
Written by Sue Gee   
Wednesday, 06 September 2017

Google has introduced a new developer certification, costing $99. To earn a badge to display on your website or resume you need to pass an online exam and a post-exam interview.  Successful candidates are also entered into a registry, which employers can check against.

Earlier this year we reported on a Mobile Sites Certification newly offered by Google and commented that it wasn't in the same league as the Associate Android Developer Certification, explaining that it was targeted at Google Partners, rather than developers.

Now Google has introduced "performance-based" developer certification for web developers along similar lines to the Android Developer certification and at Intermediate to advanced level. Although it is called Mobile Web Specialist, the skills it demonstrates can be used on the desktop and across all browsers, and it is being promoted as providing a way for you to:

set yourself apart from other web developers

as explained in this video:



In the performance based exam candidates have to write code to demonstrate skills in the following competency areas:

  • Basic Website Layout and Styling
    Build a web application’s responsive layout and style appropriate to the user’s device using only HTML, CSS, and JavaScript without the overhead of libraries or frameworks (such as jQuery).
  • Front End Networking
    Use JavaScript to set up reliable front end networking protocols with appropriate error handling.
  • Accessibility
    Use accessibility best practices to make web applications accessible to all users, including those with visual, motor, hearing, and cognitive impairments.

  • Progressive Web Apps
    Create web applications that are available offline and provide a consistent native app-like experience.
  • Performance Optimization and Caching
    Audit an application's performance to reduce page load times and maintain responsive user experiences.

  • Testing and Debugging
    Write unit tests that verify expected behaviors and diagnose common web application.

  • ES2015 Concepts and Syntax
    Implement ES2015 syntax to perform common JavaScript tasks.

  • Mobile Web Forms
    Design efficient and secure web forms with basic HTML in order to improve the user experience.

All of the competencies are described in detail in the Mobile Web Specialist Study Guide together with links to suggested web-based study resources. 

As with the Android certification, the exam is online and when you are ready to take it you pay the fee (6500 INR if you live in India and $99 USD everywhere else). This includes up to three attempts of an exam that lasts 4 hours from the time you start it, which needs to be within 1 hour of the scheduled time you have chosen. Once you pass successfully there is a post-exam interview lasting 10 minutes and consisting of five questions about your work in the exam.


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