GitTrends: GitHub Insights
Written by Nikos Vaggalis   
Monday, 23 March 2020

GitTrends is an open source smartphone app to monitor the popularity of your GitHub repos that is really useful when you have a lot of repos to keep track of.

Built with Xamarin the app runs on both iOS and Android devices and lets you monitor:

  • Repo Views
  • Repo Clones
  • Discover referring sites 

Your repo's Clones is certainly an aspect of popularity that has to be taken into account.Now with GitTrends you can monitor that too!

In the very first screen you connect your GitHub account so the app can load your repos' information.Then you can choose whether you want to see stats for All visitors/clones,the Unique visitors/clones or No Unique visitors/clones.

Pressing the top left corner back arrow button then loads a list with your repos together with their brief description and the main stats of stars,forks and open issues count.

Tapping on a repo row brings up a chart with stats that depend on the choice you made earlier on the first screen.So having chosen Uniques, the stats are about Unique views and Unique Clones.You can however pick another stats category from within the chart menu,such as All views and All Clones,so this makes the the first screen rather optional actually.


The actual interpretation of these stats a is much debated topic. See for example: 

So treat any stats with a grain of salt.

On the top right corner of the Area chart there's a Referring Sites sub menu.Tapping on it reveals the sites that refer to your repo, coupled with the relevant amounts of refered visitors.

So there you have it - your repo trends at a glance inside your pocket!

Best of all, the project is open source, under the MIT License, and available on its GitHub repo so that you can clone it too!


More Information

GitTrends: GitHub Insights-Android

GitTrends - GitHub

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