Studio3T MongoDB GUI Adds Migration
Written by Kay Ewbank   
Tuesday, 09 April 2019

The team behind the Studio 3T GUI and IDE for MongoDB has released a new version that includes a SQL migration tool that can be used to import multiple SQL tables into a single MongoDB collection. The import also lets you map table relationships to JSON.

Studio 3T is a GUI and IDE for MongoDB that aims to make it easier to perform tasks such as query building, data exploration, import/export, and code generation. Studio 3T can be used by teams collaborating on MongoDB admin and development, working in either the GUI's visual query builder, MongoDB queries, or SQL. The new migration feature has been added to the latest release, Studio 3T 2019.2.


SQL Migration means you can import multiple SQL tables to a single MongoDB collection. The tool lets you configure how your SQL tables and relationships should map to a MongoDB collection as part of the import, instead of writing export scripts. Most import options are limited to importing a single SQL table to a MongoDB collection. This new tool also avoids the need for sorting out mapping once imported as you can define the relations as part of the import process. The migration tool also includes a JSON preview that shows you how the target MongoDB documents will look before you begin the import process.

json preview sql migration

The other improvement to the new release is the ability to automate and schedule SQL import or data synchronization jobs. This has been added via Tasks (which lets you save, load, and run frequent MongoDB jobs on-demand), and a Task Scheduler in the Enterprise version of Studio 3T that lets you schedule tasks to be run on specific days and at specific times. Tasks currently support all types of import (JSON, CSV, SQL, BSON), SQL to MongoDB Migration, and Data Compare & Sync jobs.


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