Oracle In-Memory Data Grid Now Open Source
Written by Kay Ewbank   
Thursday, 02 July 2020

Oracle has released an open source version of their Coherence in-memory data grid product. Coherence is a Java-based distributed cache and in-memory data grid designed to offer high availability, high scalability and low latency.

Coherence was originally developed by Tangosol which was taken over by Oracle. It handles state management and polyglot processing on the data grid, and is integrated with Helidon, GraalVM, Oracle Database and Database Cloud services.


Features supported by Coherence Community Edition can be used to write modern cloud microservices applications. It supports fault-tolerant automatic sharding, along with scalable caching. As you'd expect, it supports querying, aggregation, transactions, and in-place processing. It uses GraalVM for polyglot programming on the grid side, meaning you can write applications that pass values from one language to another without needing to convert between languages.

Other features include support for data persistence and data source integration; eventing, messaging, and streaming; unlimited clients in polyglot languages and over REST; and Docker and Kubernetes support, with Kibana and Prometheus dashboards.

Along with the new open source release, Oracle has released an open source microservices demo app based on Coherence Community Edition and Helidon 2.0. The app, Helidon Sock Shop, is based on a microservices demo on GitHub that Oracle has reworked to use Coherence Community Edition for all state management and messaging, and Helidon 2.0 as the microservices framework. The team says this provides significant improvements in design simplicity. The creation of the demo app is an indication that Oracle is keen for Java developers in microservices to consider Coherence for their applications.

Oracle will continue to offer commercial Oracle Coherence Enterprise Edition and Oracle Coherence Grid Edition, both of which will be based on Coherence Community Edition but with additional features and support.


More Information

Coherence Website

Coherence Community Edition Website

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