CockroachDB 20.2 Adds PostGIS Spatial Data Support
Tuesday, 24 November 2020

There's a new version of CockroachDB that has updates for developers, better security and new features including support for storing and indexing spatial data using Postgre PostGIS-compatible SQL syntax.

CockroachDB is a distributed SQL database that is cloud native and offers horizontal scalability with no single points of failure.


The facilities for storing spatial data mean you can now use spatial data types including geometric objects such as points, lines, and polygons in 2-dimensional space. These are projected onto the flat surface of a plane and are represented in SQL by the GEOMETRY data type. CockroachDB also supports geographic objects that are made up of points, lines, polygons, etc., in 2-dimensional space. The X and Y coordinates of 2-dimensional points are actually Longitude and Latitude values.

Another improvement to the new release is the ability to deploy and manage cloud-native stacks using CockroachDB on Kubernetes offering, which packages CockroachDB with an operator.

For developers, the interesting improvements include added SQL functionality, and improved support for Java and Ruby. The extra SQL features include support for user-defined schemas and partial indexes, as well as a number of additions to handle spatial data. CockroachDB now supports spatial data types, spatial indexes, and spatial functions, as well as the ability to migrate spatial data from various formats such as Shapefiles, GeoJSON, GeoPackages, and OpenStreetMap.

The improved Java support comes in the form of support for the Hibernate ORM object-relational mapping tool for Java, while the Ruby support has support for the Active Record ORM. 

CockroachDB is now faster, and passed TPC-C with 140k warehouses and a maximum throughput of 1.7M transactions per minute (tmpC), representing a 40% performance improvement over the past year. The developers say the new Pebble storage engine also offers enhanced performance and stability.  


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