ScaleOut Improves Dev Support For Streaming Analytics
Written by Kay Ewbank   
Thursday, 04 February 2021

ScaleOut Software has improved the support for developing streaming analytics applications to run on its ScaleOut Digital Twin Streaming Service.

ScaleOut Software's product is middleware that sits between the operating system and application, and can be used to store fast-changing states in memory across a collection of clustered servers to provide scalable access to fast-changing data. It was originally described as offering distributed caching, but the developers now call it an in-memory data grid.


The improvement means developers can build real-time digital twin models through the use of a rules engine as an alternative to writing code in Java, C#, or JavaScript. The new support has been added via a tool called the ScaleOut Rules Engine Development Tool that can be used to build and test rules engine-based models. The ScaleOut Digital Twin Streaming Service hosts instances of real-time digital twins in the Microsoft Azure cloud or on-premises, manages the delivery of messages from various message hubs, and implements data aggregation and visualization.

The new tool means developers set up a list of logical rules instead of code within a graphical user interface, then validate them by testing their step-by-step execution within the tool.


Rules can vary from simple IF condition THEN action statements to DO action based rules that perform actions, such as calculations or message sending. Developers create a model by specifying instance properties to be tracked, such as AverageTemp or NumEvents; message properties that will be used, such as Incoming.Temp for incoming messages; and the rules to be executed.  The tool validates the rules when they are created to make sure that they will execute. Next, the user can test the model by sending it messages and observing changes in the values of the properties. The rules can be run one at a time for each message to verify that they are creating the desired state changes and outgoing messages. The development tool can simulate sending message back to the data source, to another real-time digital twin instance, or to the message log in the service‚Äôs UI.

The ScaleOut Digital Twin Streaming Service integrates a rules engine into its execution environment, so the models created in this way can then be deployed to the service. The rules engine automatically activates the models to process incoming messages.


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