Tableau Improves Augmented Analytics
Written by Kay Ewbank   
Monday, 26 July 2021

Tableau has been updated with improvements including better augmented analytics and extensions to the 'ask data' feature.

Tableau is a visual analytics platform with business intelligence products that can be used to query data sources including relational databases, OLAP (online analytical processing) cubes, and cloud-based databases.


The latest release, Tableau 2021.2, aims to let everyone across an organization ask meaningful questions and get valuable answers from their data. This comes firstly from the widening of the Ask Data and Explain Data features, which have now been expanded so that people with a Viewers license as well as Creators and Explorers can now use them. Ask Data is Tableau's natural language query option, and in this release it has been redesigned and added to the Tableau Dashboard. A new entity search option has also been added, along with lenses, a new content type that can be used to curate existing data sources for Ask Data.

Explain Data has also been expanded with a newly designed user interface, and made available for users with a Viewers license.

From the developer side, the 2021.2 release adds an area spatial calc to the geospatial toolkit. This can be used to measure the square area of a selection on a map in units that you specify. There's also a new map layer control that can be used to control the visibility and interactivity of marks layers without editing the workbook.

tableau select area feature

There's also a new feature called Collections that provide an alternative way to gather and organize content from across your site on Tableau Online or Server. Collections can contain items that span different projects and workbooks.

There's also a new connected desktop feature for web authoring, so creators no longer need to switch between web authoring the and Tableau Desktop without having to download the workbook locally.

The final improvement is the ability to run Tableau Server on Linux in a container. 


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