CockroachDB Strengthens Change Data Capture
Written by Kay Ewbank   
Monday, 24 January 2022

CockroachDB has been updated with improvements including stronger support for distributed Change Data Capture (CDC), new SQL syntax support and better monitoring of query performance.

CockroachDB is a distributed SQL database that is cloud native and offers horizontal scalability with no single points of failure.


The distributed Change Data Capture (CDC) makes it easier to Integrate with event-driven data architectures, and the new release means developers can stream data updates to any https endpoint using a new webhook-style sink. This has been added in addition to the existing integrations with Kafka and cloud storage. The new release offers higher throughput and improvements for large table sizes, making it possible to increase the scale of the CDC capacity, and there's easier troubleshooting for CDC.

The updated version also has new SQL syntax including ON UPDATE and expression indexes. The monitoring UI makes additional query performance data available, including index usage statistics, and there's an update that lets SQL transactions and statements data persist for multiple days. The On Update improvements will automatically update a column every time a row is updated, removing the need to implement this logic at the application layer. Expression indexes apply expressions to entire columns and create an index on these expressions.

The improved monitoring aims to help users retrieve query stats and diagnose issues straight from the SQL CLI through new metrics and internal tables, including query contention information and more table views. The index stats give you visibility into whether or not an index is being used, so you can drop unused indexes for optimal performance.

Another major area of improvement is new support for Alembic, a schema migration tool for Python developers, and Sequelize, a Node.js ORM. CockroachDB already supported for popular ORMs and drivers for Javascript/Typescript, Python, Go, Java, Ruby, C, and C++.

CockroachDB 21.2 is available now.


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