MongoDB 6 Adds Encrypted Query Support
Written by Kay Ewbank   
Tuesday, 07 June 2022

MongoDB 6 has been released with improvements aimed at letting developers innovate more rapidly. To achieve this the new release has integrated features into the core database platform including application search, real time application analytics and device sync.

MongoDB is a NoSQL document database that stores its documents in a JSON-like format with schema. MongoDB Atlas is the fully-managed cloud database from the MongoDB team.


The launch came today at MongoDB’s annual conference, MongoDB World at the Javits Center in New York City. Announcing the release, Dev Ittycheria, President & CEO of MongoDB, said that the changes reflected the move of enterprises workloads to the public cloud, and the new release aims to provide a developer data platform for building modern applications that provides all the data services and operational abstractions that developers need.

The first specific improvement is aimed at making it easier to work with encrypted data. Queryable Encryption adds an encrypted search scheme that can be used to search encrypted data without impacting query speed or app performance. The data remains encrypted all times on the database, including in memory and in the CPU; keys never leave the application and cannot be accessed by the database server.

The second improvement is an extension to Altas Search, the embedded full-text search in MongoDB Atlas. This has been extended with "Search Facets", a way to narrow down Atlas Search results based on the most frequent string values in the specified string field.

Other improvements to Atlas include support for secondary indexes on measurements in time series collections, and faster sorting of time-based data.

Support for "in-app analytics" is another area of improvement. Analytics nodes can now be scaled separately, making it possible to independently tune the performance of operational and analytical queries without over- or under-provisioning. Columnstore indexing is also on the cards later this year and will let users create and maintain a purpose-built index that speeds up common analytical queries without requiring any changes to the document structure or having to move data to another system.

MongoDB 6.0 is available now.


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