New Database Drivers for Oracle and PostgreSQL Released
Written by Nikos Vaggalis   
Thursday, 16 June 2022

The PostgreSQL JDBC Team team has announced the release 42.4.0 of the JDBC driver for PostgreSQL. Meanwhile Oracle has released a Python-based driver for Oracle. Python and Java users rejoice!

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The PostgreSQL JDBC Team team has announced the release 42.4.0 of the JDBC driver for PostgreSQL. In a stream of releases,42.4.0 is the third release of the 42.* branch in a month with 42.3.6 released on May 24 and 42.3.5 on May 4th respectively.

Collectively the releases brought mostly bug fixes and performance improvements:


  • added GROUP_STARTUP_PARAMETERS boolean property to determine whether or not to group startup parameters in a transaction (default=false like 42.2.x)
  • queries with up to 65535 (inclusive) parameters are supported now (previous limit was 32767)
  • workaround JarIndex parsing issue by using groupId/artifactId-version directory namings. Regression since 42.2.13. 


  • close refcursors when underlying cursor==null instead of relying on defaultRowFetchSize 


  • enable tcpNoDelay by default PR 2495. This is a regression from 42.2.x versions where tcpNoDelay defaulted to true
  • revert removal of toOffsetDateTime(String timestamp) fixes Issue #2497 PR 2501 

Check the release notes for the full details.

Now let's move to another popular pairing of DBMS and programming language, that of Oracle and Python.

First of all, a name change. Python drivers for Oracle were named after cx_Oracle but now this changes to python-oracledb to signal the major change that the new driver is a Thin driver and therefore makes no use of the Oracle Client libraries. As such the first release after the name change was Python-oracledb 1.0 being the upgrade from cx_Oracle 8.3.

The new driver conforms to the Python Database API v2.0 Specification and is easily installed through pip install oracledb. Alternatively it can also work in Thick mode too when it links with the Oracle Client libraries.

That aside, the new functionality offers: 

  • Support for multiple Oracle Database versions
  • Support for the Python Database API v2.0 Specification with a considerable number of additions and a couple of exclusions. * Works with common frameworks and ORMs
  • Execution of SQL and PL/SQL statements
  • Extensive Oracle data type support, including JSON, large objects (CLOB and BLOB) and binding of SQL objects
  • Connection management, including connection pooling
  • Oracle Database High Availability features
  • Full use of Oracle Network Service infrastructure, including encrypted network traffic 

Check the release notes for the full details.

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More Information

JDBC 42.4.0 Release Notes

python-oracledb Release Notes

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