ScyllaDB Optimizes Mixed Workload Latency
Written by Kay Ewbank   
Monday, 18 July 2022

There's a major new version of ScyllaDB with improvements aimed at improving performance and ease of use. These start with support for running on the AWS EC2 servers that are powered by Intel Xeon processors. The new version is available in both the commercial and open source versions of ScyllaDB.

ScyllaDB is an open source NoSQL database that's compatible with Apache Cassandra. The developers of Scylla describe it as a much faster drop-in replacement for Apache Cassandra.


ScyllaDB 5 improvements start with support for the AWS EC2 I4i line of servers powered by the 3rd generation of Intel Xeon (“Ice Lake”) processors. The company says ScyllaDB running on I4i servers can provide twice the performance of comparable I3 series servers.

The new release has also had work on the IO scheduler to optimize its performance. The new scheduler is better at restricting disk I/O in order to keep latency low. Reverse queries are another area that has been worked on so they run faster. Reverse queries are Select statements that use reverse order from the table schema. In Scylla 5 they have been improved in two ways, first to return short pages to limit memory consumption, and secondly, to use ScyllaDB’s row-based cache.

New Virtual Tables have been added for configuration and nodetool information. The new system.config virtual table allows querying and updating a subset of configuration parameters over CQL. These updates are not persistent, and will return to the scylla.yaml update after restart. Nodetool command information can also be accessed via virtual tables, including snapshots, protocol servers, runtime info, and a virtual table replacement for nodetool versions. Virtual tables allow remote access over CQL, including for ScyllaDB Cloud users.

ScyllaDB 5.0 also includes new experimental features, including providing strongly and immediately consistent schema changes and a new approach to tombstone garbage collection, both of are designed to ake ScyllaDB easier to administer and more reliable.

The new release of ScyllaDB is available from the website. 


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