MongoDB Improves Developer Features
Written by Kay Ewbank   
Tuesday, 03 October 2023

The MongoDB company has announced updates to improve the developer experience. The changes include updates to Atlas and a new edge platform.

MongoDB is a NoSQL document database that stores its documents in a JSON-like format with schema. MongoDB Atlas is the fully-managed cloud database from the MongoDB team.


The company announced a public preview of a new set of features for building software locally with MongoDB Atlas, which they say will give developers greater flexibility.

Developers can now develop locally with MongoDB Atlas deployments, including Atlas Search and Vector Search, using the Atlas CLI. The announcement says this will give developers the means to create full-text search or AI-powered applications no matter their preferred environment for building with MongoDB.

For full-text search use cases, developers can now use the Atlas CLI to create and manage Atlas Search indexes when working locally or in the cloud. The Atlas CLI can also be used to create and manage local development instances with Vector Search indexes.

The second part of the announcement was the release of new intelligent developer tools that use generative AI. New generative AI features have been added to MongoDB Relational Migrator, MongoDB Compass, MongoDB Atlas Charts, and MongoDB Documentation

MongoDB Relational Migrator, which can be used to migrate from legacy (usually SQL) database technologies to MongoDB Atlas, now automatically converts SQL queries and stored procedures to MongoDB Query API syntax.

MongoDB Compass, which is used to generate queries and aggregations, now lets developers use natural language to generate executable MongoDB Query API syntax, and will suggest code to execute the stages of the required aggregation pipeline needed to process the data.

MongoDB Atlas Charts also now added natural language support, letting developers build data visualizations, create graphics, and generate dashboards within MongoDB Atlas Charts using natural language.

The final element of the announcement is Atlas for the Edge, which gives a way to run MongoDB on edge infrastructure. The announcement says data seamlessly flows between and is kept synchronized across all sources, ensuring real-time data delivery with minimal latency.


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Atlas for the Edge

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