MongoDB 3.0 Announced
Written by Kay Ewbank   
Thursday, 05 February 2015

The next version of MongoDB has been announced, with major changes to the storage layer to improve performance and scalability.



The developers have built in the WiredTiger storage engine, which was engineered with latch-free, non-blocking algorithms to take advantage of trends in modern hardware, like large on-chip caches and heavily threaded architectures.

The new storage engine has enabled the developers to introduce document-level concurrency control, which they say means performance remains fast and predictable under concurrent, write-intensive workloads. Transparent on-disk compression has also been added, reducing storage requirements by up to 80%, and a choice of compression algorithms means you can choose one that offers the best performance/space trade-off to suit the needs of particular components in your applications.

The original MongoDB storage engine has been enhanced with collection-level concurrency control and more efficient journaling. It is now called MMAPv1, and is a binary drop in that provides more efficient and concurrent handling of workloads. 


Writing about the new version on the MongoDB blog, Eliot Horowitz, CTO and Co-founder of MongoDB, says that the team is currently running the production infrastructure of MongoDB Management Service on MongoDB 3.0 replica sets, mixing both MMAPv1 and WiredTiger storage engines. He adds:

“this type of flexibility is possible because MongoDB 3.0’s pluggable storage engine API addresses the reality that there is no single storage engine perfect for all applications. Through this architecture, MongoDB provides an easy to use, high-level layer for application development, durability, and horizontal scale, while allowing lower-level storage engines to offer solutions engineered for specialized use cases.”

The storage engine API means that MongoDB can be used in a variety of environments such as in-memory, encrypted, HDFS, or hardware-optimized. The blog post says that delegating higher-level concerns to MongoDB lets storage engine developers focus on their domain of expertise, and lets a massive installation base of MongoDB users take the new engine for a spin just by adding a replica set member.

Another addition to version 3.0 is Ops Manager, an on-premise operations manager that administrators can use to manage MongoDB in a push-button way. There’s an Ops Manager's API meaning it can be integrated into existing tooling for monitoring, backup and management.

Future plans include making more advanced features of WiredTiger such as Log Structured Merge Trees available, and the addition of a transaction system for the distributed document model. Ops Manager will also be further developed.


MongoDB 3.0 will be generally available in March, and the release candidate will be made available on the MongoDB download page soon


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