Google Optimize Now Free For Everyone
Written by Kay Ewbank   
Monday, 10 September 2018

Google has released a free-to-use A/B testing and personalization product. Google Optimize can be used to test different versions of websites to see which version works better.

There's also a paid-for version called Optimize 360 that is aimed at larger users. Both versions have been available to beta testers, and have now been released.

Optimize makes use of Google Analytics and Tag Manager, and it can be used by adding a line of code to an existing Google Analytics implementation, or serve the Google Optimize tag directly using Google Tag Manager. It has been possible to carry out A/B testing using Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics, but the new release has a WYSIWYG editor that can be used to change a wide variety of elements on a website to see what effect the change has.You can also choose to work directly on the HTML, or add JavaScript or CSS rules in the editor.

google optimize

Google Optimize calculates results based on your existing Google Analytics metrics and business objectives, using Bayesian methods to calculate the results. You can also set up new experiments for A/B, Multivariate, or Redirect tests where you set up a hypothesis and goals.  The editor lets you set URL targets to create simple or complex rules for the pages where you want your experiment to run, then make sure the rules work for specific URLs on your site using the new Optimize URL tester. Once an experiment has been run, there's an improvement overview that shows how an experiment affects the metrics you're targeting.

Optimize is available in over 180 countries, along with Google Optimize 360. This is part of the Google Analytics 360 Suite, and is aimed at larger enterprises or businesses with more sophisticated testing and support needs. It adds the ability to create custom versions of sites for specific Google Analytics audiences.


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