Mozilla Adds Video Shorts For Web Developers
Written by Ian Elliot   
Thursday, 03 October 2019

Mozilla Developer has a new YouTube Channel where you will find videos to help you do your job as a web designer, developer, or person involved making websites or web apps.

The new video channel was launched with the following three videos in its about:web playlist: 



Announcing these video shorts as part of a wider initiative, Miriam Suzanne, who presents two of them, writes:

We’re excited to launch a new resource for people who build the web! It will include short videos, articles, demos, and tools that teach web technologies and standards, browser tools, compatibility, and more. No matter your experience level or job description, we’re all working together towards the future health of the web, and Mozilla is here to help.

A second playlist is on Firefox browser tools for web professionals. It started with just one video in which Jen Simmons shows devs how to access a handy third-panel in the Firefox Developer Tools, and toggle print preview mode, but has already had two new additions. 


Both these short videos come from Jen Simmons and introduce helpful Firefox Developer Tools. Subscribe to the YouTube channel to be notified of new content.


Thanks Mozilla.

More Information

Video Shorts from Mozilla Developer

Mozilla Developer YouTube Channel

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