The Weekly Top 10: eCommerce
Written by Alex Armstrong   
Thursday, 21 July 2016

Ecommerce is the topic of this week's trawl through the wide expanse of the Internet to bring you items of interest that we've not had chance to cover in our daily attempts to cover programming news. - 2016 eCommerce Platforms Analysis and Comparative Report

The market of eCommerce platforms is changing constantly since eCommerce itself develops steadily embracing new branches, areas and stores. Some platforms decline while other ones rise, and this fluctuation gradually changes the entire eCommerce environment and transforms the market structure. Here's a full analysis and Comparative report for eCommerce platforms in 2016. - What Makes a Successful Shopify or Magento Theme?

We are working on releasing products for eCommerce companies, to complement our service offering. We've worked with dozens of eCommerce retailers and some requests keep coming up. One of these requests has to do with consultancy on the look of the website or the theme that the customer wants to use for their website. Some customers choose to build their own theme with us, but the ones that find themselves at the very beginning of their eCommerce adventure and have a limited budget sometimes find that a stock or pre-built theme works best for them. And that's fine, as long as they choose the right one. So, what makes a successful Shopify or Magento theme? - How to Create a Magento 2 Extension

My name is Alex, and I'm a Magento developer at Amasty. For the last few months I've been busy building Magento 2 extensions, and today I wanted to share an instruction on building a simple Magento 2 module. - Book Review: Getting Started with Magento Extension Development

I remember the day when I was asked to develop my first Magento extension. I was scared as I knew what a beast Magento was and that developing modules is a challenging task even for very experienced PHP developers. This is a book review of the book Getting Started with Magento Extension Development. - 5 Common Mistakes to Avoid in Magento Store Development

With around 13% websites using Magento for their eCommerce purposes, Magento becomes world's second most used platform for eCommerce solutions. Considered as one of the ideal most platforms for intensified functioning and foolproof customizing, Magento becomes the right package for performing essential eCommerce functions like store management, customer services, feedback, improving sales, rewards, and other functions. Here are five pitfalls you should avoid in Magento store development. - Shopify Developer Spotlight: Ritchie Cruz of Q&A Creative

This is an interview with Shopify developer Ritchie Cruz, sharing his professional experience in working as full service Shopify developer. - How to Create a Staging Environment for Making Changes to Your Shopify Theme

This post is about how to create a staging environment for making changes to your Shopify theme. This can be useful to avoid the awful truth of having to do it in the flesh or the painful and tedious process of modifying, previewing and publishing changes to a theme. It's all about doing changes on a staging theme, pushing and pulling commits onto a production theme and then deploying your shiny new featured theme. - Essential Magento Developer Blogs

As a Magento developer it's necessary to have some good and updated online resources around. Really useful Magento Blogs are pretty rare, we have summarized the essential ones which we regularly read on ourselves. So, be sure to take a look at the following Blogs, some of them are more advanced and active than others. - Learning Magento Development

Magento is a beast of a system. As a PHP Developer with over 13 years experience, you would think learning Magento Development would be a piece of cake for me to learn. I thought so until I landed a new job which requires me to learn and work on Magento daily. Below I will give you several tools and resources to help you reach that goal of mastering or at least learning Magento. - PHP eCommerce Insights from a PHP Web Developer

Something I realized recently is how old and cranky the PHP based eCommerce tools have become. Tools such as OpenCart, ZenCart, WooCommerce, and Magento have been around donkey's years, they've been hacked, patched and modulized. So what eventually happens is you end up installing several plugins to cover one area of shop. This comes then with it's own problems not least compatibility but also security. In this post I will share my experience working with several eCommerce platforms.

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