Bing Developer Assistant Adds C++ Support
Written by Kay Ewbank   
Tuesday, 19 July 2016

There's a major update to Bing Developer Assistant that means it now offers support for C++.



Bing Developer Assistant is a free Visual Studio extension that gives you smart contextual help when coding. It means you can search for projects and code samples and resolve code errors. 

Developer Assistant was originally created by combining two existing Visual Studio extensions, Sample Browser and Bing Code Search. The new version offers contextually aware searches for C++.

All three components of Developer Assistant now support C++, so you can gain access to code samples; carry out searches in popular online sources; and make use of Bing powered contextual search.




Developer Assistant can be used to access 64 million code samples, from MSDN, stackoverflow and GitHub, along with specialist C++ domains. The code samples cover C runtime libraries, STL (standard template library) and various other open source C++ libraries. The code samples can be accessed either as automatic code samples based on IntelliSense searches, or by entering natural language searchs in the Bing search box. Code sample projects are complete Visual Studio demo solutions that you can download or clone, build and run.

You can also get web help on keywords or compiler errors. The algorithm in Developer Assistant makes use of additional contextual parameters like your project type and programming language, issues multiple queries to the search engine, and returns the ranked results in your web browser.


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