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Written by Sue Gee   
Wednesday, 09 November 2011

Visit I Programmer's new Google + page to see all our latest news and article headlines. Add I Programmer to your circles for up-to-the-minute updates, share items of interest to your friends and post comments. And, of course, +1 us!

I Programmer's Google+ page launched as soon as Google extended this facility to entities other than individuals and we are keen to bring it to the attention of our readers and start some activity on the new page.

I Programmer already has a Facebook page and a Twitter feed and we are not going to stop using these channels. In fact, from today our Facebook posts are being extended - instead of the 140 character maximum , Twitter feed we'll be posting our RSS feed - the top paragraphs of each news item and article,  the details and ratings of book reviews and each day's book watch news. And of course you can subscribe to our RSS feed for instant update, or to our e-mail newsletter for a weekly digest.




Why are we keen on Google +?

For its enthusiastic uptake by developers and its flexibility - well perhaps the promise of future flexibility as its API hasn't been issued yet. We hope that adding Google + gives us an extra dimension that will provide a way to build community into I Programmer and to receive and respond to feedback from readers.

Of course it would be nice if Google had delivered a full API that allowed us to do things like automate parts of the construction of the page - but we can't have everything.



So visit  I Programmer on Google+, click on the Add to Circles button if you want our posts in your stream, send  a comment to share your thoughts with others and please click the +1 button for the page itself!

I know it sounds obvious but we do depend on your support.

And, oh yes, one last thing... we do have email!

Email me at editor@i_programmer.info

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