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Wednesday, 02 May 2012

The Kinect is a device that has a huge potential - if you only understand how to harness it. This is where "Making Things See" can help and O'Reilly has provided 10 e-book copies for winners of a prize draw.

Most people meet the Kinect sensor as a device you can play with. But if you want to move from enjoying the programs that it comes bundled with to programming it yourself you have two choices - the Microsoft SDK, in which case you need to read I Programmer's series of articles, Practical Windows Kinect in C#, or the open source drivers from PrimeSense.

Making Things See is about the open source route and it mostly uses the Processing language and also looks at how the Arduino can be involved in Kinect projects.

If you want to know more about the book, see Harry Fairhead's review of it, but if you just want to win a copy, click here to enter the prize draw. You'll need be registered on I Programmer to do so and by logging in you'll avoid having to type in your email address.



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