Xamarin Forms 3.2 Reduces Friction
Friday, 21 September 2018

Xamarin has released an updated version of Xamarin.Forms. The developers say that their work on Version 3.2 has been about reducing the friction of working in it. 

To this end they've done things such as positioning the Android tabs to the bottom, controlling spellcheck and capitalization and prediction on text controls. Xamarin gives developers a way to develop apps for iOS and Android using C#. It is based on Mono, the open source implementation of Microsoft's .NET Framework.

One of the more notable changes to the updated version is the ability to insert your own custom content in the navigation bar's title space. Earlier releases of Xamarin.Forms did let you set a text-only title on a Page so long as it was inside a navigation page, and have the title shown in the Navigation Bar. There's now a TitleView property attached to the navigation page that means you can put any view in the navigation bar, including interactive content to handle gestures.

Support has also been added for span gestures. This can be used within blocks of formatted text so you can include gestures to handle data such as phone numbers, web addresses, or mapped locations. You can use commands with or without parameters, or just the tapped event.

Other improvements include support for button padding to make it easier to line up buttons and get them looking right; and the ability to set the color of placeholder text fields.



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