.NET 7 Released
Monday, 14 November 2022

.NET 7 was recently released to coincide with Microsoft's annual .NET conference. The development team say the new version focuses on being unified, modern, simple, and fast, offering the ability to create cross platform apps. The new release includes updated versions of C# and F#, and the official release of MAUI, the cross-platform framework for creating user interfaces.

.NET was created from a combination of .NET Framework and .NET Core. NET 7 is a standard-term support (STS) release (previously known as a current release), and will be supported for 18 months


Unified working is the first of the aims to this release, with features including native support for ARM64, better support on Linux, and new target framework monikers (TFMs). This release also uses one base class library (BCL), so that you work with one SDK, one Runtime, and one set of base libraries to build varying apps including cloud, web, desktop, mobile, gaming, and IoT. For Linux, .NET 6 is included in Ubuntu 22.04 (Jammy) and there is an optimized, pre-built, ultra-small container image that can be used out of the box.

Microsoft's focus on cloud-native apps includes the ability to build an app directly into a container image. The team also points to Visual Studio’s connected services for securely connecting to a data service, Entity Framework 7 for writing Language Integrated Query (LINQ) queries for querying JSON documents, and the support for Open Telemetry.

Performance is another area where you should see improvements. Changes aimed at this start with support for on-stack replacement (OSR). This is a complement to tiered compilation, and allows the runtime to change the code executed by a currently running method in the middle of its execution (while it's "on stack"). Long-running methods can switch to more optimized versions mid-execution.

Profile-guided optimization (PGO) now works with OSR and is easier to enable, and native AOT produces a standalone executable in the target platform's file format with no external dependencies. It's entirely native, with no IL or JIT, and provides fast startup time and a small, self-contained deployment. There are also performance improvements to the Mono runtime, which powers Blazor WebAssembly, Android, and iOS apps.

.NET 7 is available for download now.


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