.NET MAUI Reaches General Availability
Written by Kay Ewbank   
Monday, 20 June 2022

.NET MAUI has reached general availability, has replaced Xamarin in Visual Studio 2022, and now appears as a project type in Visual Studio replacing Xamarin.

.NET MAUI is the .NET Multi-platform App UI, a framework for building native device applications spanning mobile, tablet, and desktop. The higher profile of MAUI in Visual Studio makes it a more obvious choice for developers. It was already an option in previous Visual Studio 2022 previews, but now appears as the main choice for Desktop & Mobile projects.


As the Xamarin replacement as a multi-platform app building framework, .NET MAUI uses platform SDKs for Android, iOS, macOS, and Windows. It comes with over 40 layouts and controls that Microsoft says are optimized for building adaptive UIs across both desktop and mobile platforms. You can also incorporate Blazor components or entire Blazor applications.

Microsoft's main goal for MAUI is to give developers a way to develop apps that match the look and feel of the platform. They say that out of the box, each platform looks and behaves the way it should without any additional widgets or styling required to mimic 'native' behavior.

.NET MAUI provides simple APIs to access services and features of each platform such as accelerometer, app actions, file system and notifications.

.NET MAUI uses the new C# 10 features introduced in .NET 6, including global using statements and file scoped namespaces. Another benefit is that you can work on a single project without worrying about what platforms it will run one. In new .NET MAUI projects, the platforms are stored in subfolders. You have a Resources folder where you manage your app’s fonts, images, app icon, splash screen, raw assets, and styling. .NET MAUI will do the work to optimize them for each platform’s specific requirements.

.NET MAUI is available now.


More Information

MAUI On GitHub

.NET Multi-platform App UI

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