.NET Upgrade Assistant Adds Support For MAUI And Azure Functions
Written by Kay Ewbank   
Monday, 05 June 2023

Microsoft has added support for .NET MAUI and Azure Functions to its .NET Upgrade Assistant, The assistant helps Visual Studio 2022 developers upgrade .NET applications to the latest version of .NET.

The .NET Upgrade Assistant tool takes care of migrating apps  from older platforms such as Xamarin Forms and UWP to the latest version of .NET. It was released as a preview version in February, and the latest version adds improvements and new features.


The upgrade assistant was released as Microsoft acknowledged that upgrading, especially from .NET Framework, was a complicated process involving either the Upgrade Assistant CLI tool or Microsoft Project Migrations.

To use the tool, developers just have to right-click on a project in Solution Explorer and choose “Upgrade”. The assistant will then take care of the mechanics, but depending on what framework and project type you’re upgrading from, there will be some manual post processing.

The improvements to the latest version start with support for .NET 8, and for ARM64. In terms of new features, you can now carry out app upgrades from Xamarin.Forms to .NET MAUI, and from UWP to WinUI. Both offer a choice of upgrading the original project, or creating a new project next to your original one and leaving the original one unchanged.

The new version can also be used to upgrade apps that make use of Azure Functions, Microsoft's serverless compute platform that can be used to run code without provisioning or managing infrastructure. Microsoft says that when an Azure Functions project is upgraded to the latest .NET, the tool will automatically upgrade the version of Azure Functions to v4 isolated since it is the best and recommended version.

Other improvements to the upgrade assistant include better handling of NuGet packages, and a change to use YARP 2.0.

Support has also been added for SDK-style projects that are using System.Web. In the earlier version of the assistant, web projects that were manually converted to SDK-style but still were using System.Web could not be upgraded incrementally and were treated like Core-family projects. The new version treats them as .NET Framework projects and allows you to upgrade them incrementally.

The new version of the upgrade assistant is available now.


More Information

.NET Upgrade Assistant On Microsoft Marketplace

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