Visual Studio 14 Another Preview
Written by Alex Armstrong   
Monday, 13 October 2014

CTP 4 for the forthcoming Visual Studio 14 is now available and so is the TypeScript 1.1 CTP.

The Visual Studio team has been rolling out successive previews of Visual Studio 14 with each one building on the features and fixes from previous one.

The main update in this fourth revision is the inclusion of the ASP.NET vNext runtime and tooling improvements, specifically support for the NuGet Package Manager and package manager console for ASP.NET vNext projects.





As we discussed back in May ASP.NET vNext, which is cloud ready about of the box, is an important step towards the next generation of .NET. It is delivered via NuGet so having a console for ASP.NET vNext projects is welcome.

CTP 4 also brings debugger improvements by way of new breakpoint settings information appearing in a Peek window that includes IntelliSense support for breakpoint conditions and actions together with improved performance so that, when debugging, C++ applications start faster.




In addition the XAML editor adds support for Peek definition for all XAML project types so you can use the Peek Definition command to view and edit code without having to switch your context or the document you are currently editing.

Microsoft has also released the TypeScript 1.1 CTP for Visual Studio “14” CTP4 , Visual Studio 2013 , and Node Packaged Modules which includes the first release of a significantly faster compiler with full TypeScript 1.0 language compatibility. And, if you’re using TypeScript from Visual Studio, you also get full IntelliSense, code navigation, and integrated build.


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