GitHub Announces Marketplace
Written by Kay Ewbank   
Thursday, 25 May 2017

GitHub is launching a new Marketplace designed to help you find and buy tools to extend your workflow. This means you can get new tools without the need to create multiple accounts or set up separate payment methods.

GitHub says the apps on the Marketplace will range:

from continuous integration to project management and code review.”

Apps within the Marketplace are organized into five categories: code quality, code review, continuous integration, monitoring and project management. The current list isn't that large - under twenty in total - but does include most of the most popular apps, including codecov, codeacy and codebeat for the code quality; Travis CI, Circle CI, Appveyor and Percy for continuous integration; Sentry, BlackFire.IO, and Rollbar for Monitoring; and Zenhub, Waffle, Codetree and Zube for project management.

GitHub says more apps are coming soon, and in the future developers will be able to upload their own apps so long as they pass the review process.

Alongside the launch of the Marketplace, GitHub Integrations has been rebranded as GitHub Apps, and brought out of pre-release. GitHub describes GitHub Apps as taking actions themselves directly through the API—no user impersonation (or user seat) required—and they have granular permissions to access only the content they need. Install them on an organization or user account, then give them access to the repositories of your choice

The other element that has been introduced is the wider availability of GitHub's GraphQL API. This is the API that was used to build GitHub, and it can be used to create your own tools with greater access to data. The API lets you ask for the exact data you need in a single request and get updates in real time.


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GitHub Marketplace

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