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1 Zoom Releases Video SDK
2 Flutter 2.0 Increases Web Support
3 MDN Web Docs Has New Platform and New Funding
4 Firefox Drops Support For PWA
5 Microsoft Offers Web Development for Beginners
6 Five Reasons To Create and Control A Web App
7 The Most Important Features To Include In An E-Commerce App
8 MDN Web Docs Call For Participation
9 Five Low-Cost Ways To Improve the Security of Your eCommerce Website
10 Google's Ban On Paid Chrome Extensions Now Permanent
11 Infragistics Ignite UI For Angular Improves Data Grid
12 Mozilla Layoffs Include MDN Team
13 MDN Is 15 - How Did It Reach Top Of The Docs?
14 Flutter 1.17 Released
15 Mozilla Has Money and Mentoring for Startups
16 Flutter Takes Off
17 Google Shutting Down App Maker
18 Chrome Apps Are No More - End Of An Era
19 Django 3 Adds Support For ASGI
20 Electron 7 Adds Native Theme API
21 Mozilla Adds Video Shorts For Web Developers
22 MiniApp - A W3C Standard From China
23 Electron Increases Promisification
24 Facebook Updates Graph and Marketing APIs
25 MDN Now Built With React
26 Hasura's Guide to GraphQL
27 Vent Your Frustration in the MDN Developer and Designer Survey
28 Microsoft Updates PWABuilder
29 IFTTT GMail Options Removed
30 Not So Quick! WebAssembly
31 ReactProto, Rapid Prototyping In React
32 Google Optimize Now Free For Everyone
33 Chrome Closes Down Inline Installation
34 Mozilla Makes WebAssembly For The Rest Of Us
35 Interactive Examples On MDN
36 Mozilla's Browser Compatibility Project
37 Google Adds Tools To Apps Script
38 Top 10 - PHP For Web Development
39 Growing Demand For Data Visualization
40 Top 10 - Web Design Matters
41 Google Starts Its Push To Progressive Web Apps - Bye Bye Chrome Apps
42 Google Build Out
43 Headless Chrome and the Puppeteer Library for Scraping and Testing the Web
44 Discover How Web Apps Perform With Chrome User Experience Report
45 Gmail Add-ons Open To All
46 Mozilla's Plan For Easier Web Development
47 Top 10 From Around the Web: More CMS Resources
48 WebAssembly Computer Vision Experiments
49 GitHub Desktop Released
50 New Ontologies For OWL
51 Top 10 From Around the Web: More PHP Development Resources
52 Google's Songbird Brings Ambisonics To The Web
53 Top 10 From Around the Web: More Web Design Resources
54 Bootstrap 4 Enters Beta
55 Top 10 From Around The Web: eCommerce Development
56 Flash Finally Declared Dead - It Was Murder
57 SharePoint PowerApps Adds Flow Integration
58 Developers Edition Of HTML Makes Comeback
59 Mozilla Updates and Renames MDN
60 Top 10 From Around the Web: Wordpress and CMS Resources
61 JSON Feed - The New RSS?
62 Graphcool Eases Your Way Into GraphQL
63 Top 10 From Around the Web: Web Design Resources
64 Sinatra 2.0 Released
65 Web Developer Salaries Revealed
66 Top 10 From Around The Web: PHP Development Resources
67 Firefox Developer Edition Adds Network Monitor
68 WebAssembly Explorer - A Learning Tool
69 Top 10 From Around the Web - CMS Development Resources
70 Top 10 From Around the Web - eCommerce Development
71 Google Buys Twitter Dev Platform
72 Google Closing Much Of Hangouts API
73 New Facebook Computer Vision Tags
74 Actions On Google
75 Google Slides API Adds Text Formatting
76 Firefox Hardware Report
77 Amazon Strengthens Lambda Offering
78 New Amazon Build Services
79 The Weekly Top 10: More PHP Web Development Resources
80 The Weekly Top 10: Learning about eCommerce
81 RStudio Adds SparklyR Support
82 Gain A Competitive Edge With Uber's Driver API
83 The Weekly Top 10: CMS Development Resources
84 The Weekly Top 10: eCommerce Development Resources
85 Oracle Introduces Low-Code Cloud Dev Platform
86 The Weekly Top 10: PHP Web Development Resources
87 Unity Connect 2016
88 Angular 2.0.0 Launched
89 Mobile App Development Webinar Reviewed
90 Facebook Open Sources Two Technologies
91 The Weekly Top 10: Professional Development
92 The Weekly Top 10: Mainly Magento
93 Chrome Apps No Longer On Windows,Mac And Linux
94 Web Design Matters
95 The Weekly Top 10: eCommerce
96 Bing Developer Assistant Adds C++ Support
97 The Weekly Top 10: Web Development Resources
98 The Weekly Top 10: PHP Web Development Resources
99 Progress Survey of .NET Web Developers
100 Microsoft Strengthens Graph API
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