Stack Overflow Teams Now Available
Written by Alex Armstrong   
Wednesday, 09 May 2018

Stack Overflow for Teams is a private, searchable archive of the questions and answers that are specific to your team secured in a dedicated network. If you start using it by July 1st you can save $10 per user annually.


Called Stack Overflow Channels when we announced its launch last summer, this new service is targeted at teams of developers within companies who want a secure, private space to ask and answer questions that they wouldn't want any outsiders to overhear.

Stack Overflow already has Enterprise, which provides this type of knowledge sharing facility, but is intended for large teams of at least 500 technical staff and which companies host for themselves. 

The new facility, which has undergone extensive beta testing is hosted by Stack Overflow where it is logically separated into its own SQL scheme and from where data can be exported as  a JSON file. Another feature is Slack integration so that new questions can be posted on a team's Slack Channel. 

In a post on the Stack Overflow blog while the service had it's original name of "Channels", Chance Health explains how it fits into Stack Overflow's broader business objectives: 

  • Be the best technical Q&A site – Channels plays to our strengths. Technical Q&A is our specialty, and extending it to internal knowledge sharing is a natural extension of what we do today.
  • Help developers in new ways – Not all problems are public ones, and not all code can be posted online. Channels gives developers new ways to solve their problems without leaving the site they already know and love.
  • Make money – This one’s probably obvious, but as a business, we have to make money! Channels will offer a paid service that we think many companies will be excited to buy.

In the blog post announcing the general availability of the renamed Stack Overflow Teams, Alex Miller reports:

During beta, we’ve seen teams as small as five and as large as 200 adopt Stack Overflow for Teams successfully. Tim Golen, Engineering Lead at Expensify, summed it up pretty well: “We needed a good way of passing down knowledge between team members, because we saw the same questions being asked over and over in our instant message channels. Almost immediately, we found that the Search function in Teams returned relevant results in a quicker, more accurate way than chat would. We anticipate Stack Overflow for Teams increasingly becoming our go-to resource for knowledge-sharing.” We see similar results not just at our other beta users, but also internally through our own usage of Stack Overflow for Teams.

The service, which has a 14-day free trial  starts at $10 per month which includes the first 10 users, additional users are $5/month billed annually or $6 billed monthly and if you get started by July 1st you can save "an extra $10 per user annually". stackoverflowteamssq

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